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Question for Bob White

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While I am glad to hear your problem was resolved, it is setting a dangerous precedent. When the judge ruled, did he make any comments about if there was a policy in writting?


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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Ed, while I understand your concern about setting precedents, you have to understand that it wasn't really a dispute about the CO owning assets. The troop had a long established history of transferring scout accounts. This SM arbitrarily decided to change the rules without notifying any scouts. We had many many papers from the troop to prove it. Additionally, the sm didn't file any unit money earning applications, misrepresented facts under oath(we had papers to prove it) and showed his true character. Hopefully the precedent that was set was to behave in a manner consistent with scouting and to exemplify the ideals we try to teach the boys.

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Im glad to hear that everything worked out. Im sure that this was a very difficult experience. Everyone and everything has a purpose. This happened for a reason and I hope that all of us no matter where we stood on the issue use it to the betterment of Scouting. Please extend my best wishes to your son on his future in Scouting.


For A Better Future Through Scouting, cjmiam


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