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merit badge counselors- fees?

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I thought from my reading that if someone is signing up as a volunteer merit badge counselor that the membership fee would be waived.


My TCC tells me that in our council there is a $10 charge for each counselor signed up. Seems a little rough to try to convert someone who is just trying to be helpful into a paying scouter....


Is this one of those "it used to be one way, but just changed" deals? Or am I just imagining things?

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None of the Councils around this area charge Merit Badge Counselors. They just have to fill out a membership app and mark MB Counselor on it.


The thing I would wonder is if the CC is not understanding how it works and is trying to get them to become a registered leader in the troop. I would ask them what the fee is for, and work it from there.


Good Luck,

Dan Williams


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It doen't sound like a registration fee as that is $7. There was some talk when out here in Washington State we started to require State Patrol checks for all people working with kids that the state was going to charge a fee for that check. It finaly agreed to do it free for non-profits. Maybe in your area is required and costs.(This message has been edited by NWScouter)

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