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Traditional /Family Values

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The family is the core unit of society and should be supported (by minimal interference) every way possible. (Without, of course, major danger to the members, though that can be a can of worms.) In the ideal, a family consists of a father and mother, along with a number of children. It may consist of a single parent, but not some other combination of adults. Extended families may include other relatives.


Sacrifice for your children is vitally important, your needs are not more important, though they do not need to be sacrificed to worship your children either.


That's all that comes quickly to mind, but I can see I could easily write a book if I thought about it....



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I have been wondering the same thing as OldGreyEagle, especially after reading the thread in which some seem to suggest that wearing an earring somehow conflicts with "traditional values." Traditional behavior perhaps (though "traditional" is not necessarily self-defining and, and does not necessarily represent "good" or "exclusively good" behavior), but not traditional values.


And referring to the BSA's website certainly doesn't do it for me. I have read everything on there in the past, and there is very little discussion of specific values. Most of it deals obliquely with the gay issue without really discussing it. These are public relations statements, and look to me like some of them were written by lawyers for judges to read the next time the BSA has to go to court.


In some cases, a "link" may be an answer to a question, but in this case it is not.


So let's see the list. What are "traditional values"?

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There ARE traditional/family values! I could get into this discussion (and believe me, it WILL turn into a debate), but I don't have the energy today. Suffice it to say, some folks feel anything short of "murder" (and then some will still argue) is a subjective opinion. Some will say "your values" are not "my values" and they would be right...but there is a list of values that this country has subscribed to for most of its 200+ years. However, I am not going to start listing them, just so some revisionists can tell me differently. As I said, I don't have the energy today. So why did I bother to state this much? I guess I didn't want people to interpret the silence, as evidence that traditional/family values do not exists. This is what the homosexuals, atheists, and others want folks to believe. It's a lie.

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There are entire books that try to identify define and summarize the content of Family Values and so I'm not sure that there is sufficient space to express them here. However, for my family, we find that the values taught by our chosen faith are the ones we embrace as our values. We find nothing contradictory between those values and the values of scouting.



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This is a tricky one. Despite what some may say even atheists, gays and "others" do believe in some of the same values.


But to add to the rhetoric, let's talk about "traditional". I have a friend who came from a family where "tradition" was everyone getting drunk and having a fight at family get togethers. Her mother "traditionally" drank each afternoon, being drunk and violent by the end of dinner. Part of my family has a "tradition" of incest. I don't think those are "traditions" any of us want.


Family Values

To me it's about doing one's best, sticking together as a family (sometimes this is your friends more so than your blood relatives), taking care of each other, encouraging each other, taking care of and teaching children so they can grow into independent adults, doing things together, doing nothing together, doing the dishes and the laundry, arguing about who is going to clean the bathroom and who left their shoes in the middle of the floor. It can't be defined by the shape, size, color, gender or even the physical location of the family members. It's about respect for each other and yourself, compromise when those things don't match (barring extremes like abuse).

Family is not necessarily those who are blood kin or hold a certain legal status with you. You are bound by your heart. Like OGE said in another post "it's about feeling".


A family doesn't have to look like the Cleavers to be a good family. In fact, many families "look" like the Cleavers and are really very scary.


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Howabout this...a husband and a wife loving, respecting, and supporting each other, making God the head of their family and talking with him everyday, raising children to love God, respect their elders and there peers, and to care for those weaker than themselves. Howabout...love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your strength, and all your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. A little more of these family values would do a lot to make this a better world. IMHO.


Ok...Fighters to your corners...when the bell rings we want a good clean fight...


Ding, Ding


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The question is what are 'today's' traditional values. Values change and so do traditions. A 100 years ago many marriages is the US were arranged today they, by and large, are not. 20 years ago it was 'traditional' for some scout troops to go skinny dipping. That is now not allowed. Did our values change? Do we still live by traditional values? I can't answer it. I do the best I can by my own religious beliefs. Even these traditions have changed.

The best value, brought up earlier, was bring up your children to be able to cope with a changing world.


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I have to wonder if this same question was asked in BP's time what his answer would have been and would it differ by todays standards. I believe everyone has different values.

My personal Traditional/Family Values:

1. At best 2 parents

2. Belief in a higher power

3. Jobs that fulfill a families needs

4. Unconditional love for all family and friends

5. Respect that is expected from everyone

6. A love and respect for our mother earth

7. A love and respect for all our elders

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This is a tricky one. Despite what some may say even atheists, gays and "others" do believe in some of the same values. So do murderers and rapists for that matter. I like NJs suggestion, lets see the list. It would be easier to list an issue and discuss its traditional family values aspects than to try and define centuries of moral and ethical ideals.



Christian Bigotry


Condoms Available in School

Drug Legalization




Hate Crimes

Legal Prostitution

Prayer in School

Homosexual Agenda

Liberal Media Bias


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