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To The Colors

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To the Colors


When I first heard on the news that the Boy Scouts of America were proud of their newly affirmed legal right to discriminate against homosexuals and other minorities, I didn't want to be an Eagle Scout anymore. When I considered the fact that, as a Boy Scout, I represented the vicious forces of bigotry, I felt ashamed. When I remembered the famous adage "Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout," I knew that it was my duty to remain in the program and put an end to this unfounded, hateful prejudice.


One of the closest ideals to the heart of any Scout is respect for our nation's flag. It seemed rather ironic to me that an American flag patch should come fused, glued, and stitched to every new Boy Scout uniform. The fact that the Boy Scouts of America think they represent the flag is frankly offensive - indeed they represent only their own selfish intolerance.


With this in mind, I used my trusty Boy Scout pocket knife to liberate the flag from my uniform shirt. I could not allow our nation's flag to fly on the very shoulder of discrimination. I urge all of you, Scouters or not, to consider what grave disrespect the Boy Scouts of America have shown our colors, and I implore you to act responsibly. It is time to show some respect.




Respectfully Submitted


(published in the Valley News - NH, January 2001)

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So are saying that because we live in America, (the greatest country on earth) that anything goes? Are you claiming that unless we agree with everyone, we are bigots, hateful and prejudicial? Are you trying to say that we are not allowed to have beliefs, values, and morals?


Pardon me, but membership in the BSA is not a right, it is a privilege.


How unfortunate it is that you should draw the conclusion that exercising a constitutional right to freely associate, as being un-American. Do you claim it is more American to tell other people what they should believe or think and who they should hang out with?


You failed to mention the fact that the Boy Scouts discriminate against more than just homosexuals. In fact, the Boy Scouts discriminate against, people that don't agree to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Listen, this isn't your local shopping club. This is an organization of values. Everyone has different values, but we in the BSA have a long-standing set of values that we agreed to when we joined. That is why most of us joined and why many continue to enroll their son in our program.


Scouting isn't a right- it's a privilege. If you aren't willing to abide by what it stands for, might I suggest starting a different group, instead of trying to change the BSA? Many millions like the BSA just the way it is! God commanded us to love one another, not necessarily agree with one another!


By the way, I believe the millions of servicemen that fought for, died for and continue to serve this beautiful country, that were past Boy Scouts would disagree with your patch-cutting ceremony

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