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Urgent How to contact National Council/headquarters

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we've just recieved a letter from the firm handling the BLM's Wild horse and Burro program. They are urgently seeking info on how to contact the National Council or Headquarters for BSA as they may have something that would be very beneficial to the Boys.

Please, if anyone can help us please email us. We can give you the contact name if need be for the woman in charge of the program.

Thank you so much. jokriny@qwest.net or,



Also, I'm really confused. We have searched and searched for an address or phone number for National and have found nothing...not even any mention of who "they" are...no names of people at all. We went to the BSA.org site and nothing... Who are they? Are there real people there? Until the BLM asked for a contact number I had never given this any thought. Now that we've been unable to find out any info at all are curiosity is piqued and we feel it is important that this information is available as these are folks whose decisions affect my son in moral, ethical, physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual ways. My son does not take Scouts lightly. It is a way of life something to live up to ...to ever strive for...it leaves him always reaching ahead to the next plateau...I always check out the seeming unimportant things my son does...to make sure things are safe...but, Scouts is a very important part of my family's life...I didn't even bother to check out this organization and relied soley on it's reputation. Does anyone out there know who "the higher ups" are? Is there an organizational head or chairperson, president, etc? Our Scoutmaster didn't have a clue and even searched himself. That's not a good sign. I'm begining to feel I'm blindly following and that's never good to do.

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Don't take this personally, but I find it hard to believe that the Bureau of Land Management, with all of their resources cannot get in touch with National.

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Boy Scouts of America

1329 W. Walnut Hill Ln.

P.O. Box 152079

Irving, TX.

(972) 580-2000


Phone # As found on Yahoo.com yellow pages.

Address as found in the publication disclaimer in Scouting Mag.

All BSA publications also contain publication information (as required by law) that state the BSA is located in Irvine, Texas. A simple call to directory assistance could net the phone number.

As far as who "They" are, one page iii (right before the table of contents) is a letter form the Chief Scout Executive Jere B. Ratcliffe.


Let me know if you need any more help, I'm always happy to lend a hand.


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Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. The address will be forwarded to our Scout Master as well as to Tiffany Moffatt with Fleishman-Hillard public relations (they are handling the Wild Horse and Burro Program).


I don't know why it didn't occur to any of us to look in the yellow pages...yikes. I guess we've gotten dependant on the search engines. We didn't see the info at the BSA.org site though.


The BLM's representative could have found the address. You're right. They were hoping that we had it handy...which we didn't...so as a courtesty we told them we would look it up.

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