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I was finally beaded this past Sunday during a break at the current Woodbadge course. My patrol waited until everyone had finished their ticket and we brought our families to participate and watch. My wife (Venturing Committee Member) placed the beads on me, my oldest daughter (Venturer) placed the scarf on me and then my son (Cub Scout) and my daughter (honorary Cub Scout) slid the woggle on.


My wife and children saw me work my tickets the past year and experienced the benefits of everything I completed, from teaching Emergency Preparedness to participating in the National Summertime Award events this past summer. They watched me change and saw me follow through on a promise to myself.


Even though I have my beads, the journey continues and my tickets will always be renewed everytime I lead a Pack Show, schedule an event or spend time with my family.


I used to be a Bear and a good 'ole Bear too.............


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