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Got back a week ago from Circle Ten's wood badge course at Philmont. I was attending from out of council but wanted to do it in one week and wanted to do it at Philmont.


It was a great experience with good material and great staff. I'd highly recommend it and I'm hard at work on getting the ticket items done.


I used to be a Fox...

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30 more people deployed to get going on 150 collective ticket goals. I got my third bead!

There was a sign in the dining hall:

Have fun!

Making friends!

Good Food!

I: Had fun making friends good food.


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For various reasons I put off Wood Badge for over twenty years, and wondered what I would actually get from it. The bottom line is I'm not accomplishing anything new, or extra, but I'm getting the job done with 25% of the effort it took before Wood Badge. By the way, Wood Badge is the most fun I had in scouts since I was a youth!


I used to be a Bear ...

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