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"There is 9 wood badge courses that start this weekend in the central region alone...."


So ... this must be in an attempt to finish the courses before camporees and conclaves. I guess that makes sense.



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You have been counseled in what equipment and oersonal gear to bring. But remember to take the REAL essentials with you:

* Duct tape.

* Extra rope.

* A silly hat (pursuent to your PL request)

* Modern Scout Manual.

* Old Scout Manual or Fieldbook for comparasion.

* Tarp (it will be far too big, or too small, or not needed. You predict).

* A happy, expectant attitude.

* A mug for coffee/etc. Thus being ecologically sound, eliminating the need for throw away styrofoam or paper.

* Carabiner to clip cup to belt for ready access.

* Our best wishes for a fun, successful WB!






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I got back from my first weekend a few hours ago, it was a great time. They were not kidding when they told us that we would not have much free time. It was a very full three days. The group of people in my patrol are really great and we gelled very quickly. It should be a great experience.


Any fellow Antelopes out here?



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