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We are the priest of the temple of Gilwell

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Woodbadge should not be treated like a religion, it's just a leadership training program. Have fun but don't get caught up into it...we as Scout leaders are here for the youth.


Sorry to sound off, but some people out there are not with the program.


Cary P


I used to be a Bob White

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Ahhh Rush 2112 very nice reference.......




There was a discussion about Woodbadge as a cult......


Not that I disagree with ya brother.......I don't get it either.



To all those man scouts out there.......the Baden Powell Service Association Has Rovers which is man scouting.......

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"To all those man scouts out there.......the Baden Powell Service Association Has Rovers which is man scouting."


Sorry, I don't view Rovers as "man scouting".


For me, "man scouting" is a derogatory term for older people (usually men) who are either trying to relive their childhood or their missed childhood thru being a scout leader (ie they are trying to play at being scouts like they were as kids or that they missed out of as kids). These are usually the people who go overboard with Wood Badge, etc. NOT all leaders are "man scouts".


Rovers, on the other hand, is a scouting program created by Baden-Powell for young adults, those 18 to 25. Its meant as a continuation of scouting for these young adults, NOT an attempt to recapture or continue childhood.




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emb021, excellent points.


From what I've seen and heard over the years, adults who like to camp, cook, hike, swim, boat, shoot are wrongly labeled as "man scouts." Which is too bad...I think scoutcraft and such should be a lifelong study with daily application. Sets a good example for the scouts.

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Back to Gilwell (no pun intended)...during a Scouting career spanning 50 years this year, I never took WB. In my younger days, serving my units took most of my disposable money and vacation time, and it wasn't available as a "weekend" course. And the policy of "requesting an invitation" was somehow off-putting to me. My view of WBers was those gray-haired retired old geezers with 7 rows of knots and a size 50 girth and a size 38 belt who had nothing better to do than show up at every scouting function there was, except a troop or den meeting. It was their "social life" as it were, and if you weren't "beaded", you just weren't worth knowing, or being considered for a Jambo position. Now, since WB21 has been "changed", I think, "why bother". I've had a belly full of MBO, TQM, Deming, One Minute Management, Fifth Discipline, 7 Habits, as nauseam, and it hasn't changed my life one whit. My unit scouting days are behind me, but as I draw closer to retirement, my interests are moving away from Scouting. I'll leave my share of the Gilwell Kool-aid (or is it Flavor-aid?) to the youngsters.

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Wood Badge can be a cult, and it should not be. Those inbred councils that make a scouter "request an invitation" are sorely mistaken. They lose young scouters who are just starting their journey in scout leadership training.

WB saved my troop 5 years ago. It gave me the skill set and a deep resource of fellow scouters who knew me, as a person, and who were invested in my unit's success.

I don't need personal nights camping. I don't need to hone my scout craft skills so I can "play scout".

I get plenty of both camping with my troop. My focus is on the development of honorable young men, who want to lead the way to the future.

Wood Badge has helped me do that. To learn a skill, one must teach the skill to truly learn the skill.

Wood Badgers should seek to staff a course, as a means of personal development.

Yes, pass the Kool-Aid.

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Papadaddy, sure enjoyed your post, couldn't agree more.


Basement, true, it's been a few years since the TQM craze. I've tried my best for many years to forget all that TQM baloney...the military adopted it for a few years. Wasn't pretty.

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