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Finished my Ticket, Getting my beads at next Roundtable.

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Just completed my 5th ticket item. It was probably one of the best things I've done... But I'd definitely advise against any ticket item that requires gathering input from a large number of Adult Leaders across the District. That 5th Ticket item took more of my time than any of the others!


WB course S5-416-11-1

Bear Patrol (#1 in the Troop, #2 in the Woods!)

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Congratulations! I agree, Woodbadge is the best thing I have done for myself, family and pack. My actions in the past year have encouraged many others to attend Woodbadge also.

I am very proud of that.


Sounds like that last ticket item was going to be a tough one from the beginning. It should be a challenge though. Can you tell me which lesson from Woodbadge you applied to that situation in order to come to a resolution?


Still working my ticket,


Bear Patrol

I am not eating that fox, just playing until it stops squeaking


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