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Just curious what others have done for their tickets.


1. Use youth trainers to assist in teaching Scout Skills to adults during Leader trainings.

2. Staff 5 Days at Cub Scout Day Camp.

3. Staff 6 days at Powder Horn Course.

4. Discuss Female roles in Scouting with a Co-Ed Crew.

5. Produce a backpacking video for use by our Council, Districts, and Units.


I used to be a Beaver!!!

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Month 17. Just getting my summary ready for my ticket counselor:

1. A venturer school recruiting program using an auto fill script that presenters can complete online.

2. Promote using venturing advancement for senior service projects.

3. Promote Venturing Leader Specific Training to my crew committee.

4. Encourage youth identify locations to meet in their various neighborhoods.

5. Perform a self-assessment.


Mine were very dependent on others. For example University of Scouting got cancelled last year! Doing my part didn't necessarily yield in the results I wanted. Lesson learned. Moving on.

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1)Enhance the Troop Uniform with a common Neckercheif Slide

2)Organize our Storage garage to make it easier for our Quatermaster to keep an inventory up to date.

3)Organize and update the Outdoor Coordinators book to make it a more useful/efficent tool.

4)Ask 1 or more troops to join us for a day of fun so we can exchange ideas and make new friends for the future.

4)Organize and catorgarize troop history that was given to us from long past scoutmaster when he visited the Troop recently.


Hardest was #4 our troop was so petrified of losing boys to other troops they kept putting roadblocks in my way. I finaly in the last couple weeks went around them planned the event with 2 different troops and then invited my troop to it at that point once it was done. And wouldnt yha know we had a decent turn out.

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qwaze - What of your 5 tickets depended on Scouting U... I don't see it. Also if yours is at month 17 you must have had a vision all these steps fell under.. Something with Venturing. I would have said well trained Ventures but not sure how ticket #4 fell into that vision.


I don't remember all of mine.. Mine was before the day of the vision tieing all of your tickets together as a means to a larger goal. They were 5 seprate projects. Mine also will seem like smaller projects then most of yours, but as they say, it depended on the persons role in scouting and what they were capable of. I was only on committee and very shy..


1) Organized a JLT in our troop. (Not run it, just organize all the equipment for it, and help the SM & ASM understand the syllabus.)

2) I organized a Round Robin to help the scouts understand diversity.. They didn't explain diversity very well we just got that diversity was physical handicaps, like blindness, or mental retardation.. Well, we didn't have any of that in the troop.. In later Woodbadge courses they defined it as simply including people of different personalities, interests, age groups, race, religion etc.

3) Real off the wall, nothing to do with Scouts was I volunteered to help at the community playhouse as an usher for six shows... WHAT???? (Yeah I know).. Well it was a personal challenge because I was very shy, and I suffer from crowd phobia.. I wanted to volunteer to help with a district training, but they change from allowing you to try something you were not a volunteer for, since I was not already a district volunteer, I could not do that.. They wouldn't accept helping at a district training, but accepted being an user at the community theater.


Can't remember the last two.. But I think they had to do with organizing something behind the scenes for someone else to pick up and be the on-stage presence with. If I had to, most of mine except the usher thing, would have been a vision to have our troop organized and prepared for troop events.



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1. Have trained committee (Troop committee challenge)

2. Have fully trained ASMs

3. Have trained boy leaders (conduct youth leadership training course)

4. Take Trainer's Edge course

5. Have guest speaker from DA's office conduct training on anti-bullying/internet saftey course

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oldisnewagain, I am surprise at how they allowed you to write the tickets. I know our courses make sure you do not word it where you fail if dependent on others and you don't get 100% complience.


example "Have fully trained ASMs".. Perhaps I am reading more into this, but it would probably get rewritten to state "Encourage ASM's become fully trained", or "Increase the percentage of fully trained ASM's.".


Also what is your position?.. You could have done your also in the early WB21c history where all was not fully defined. But now, in the current format, if you were CC might get away with the trained boy Leaders (JLT or TLT) by supporting the SM and helping him organize it.. But the guest speaker for anti-bulling/internet safety would probably been seen as outside your position of authority.. If you were SM, probably all would be fine except getting the committee trained, that would be outside your jurisdiction.


Sorry, I am getting trained and grilled for an upcoming WB course where I will be the person looking at tickets to see if they pass the sniff test.. I am probably over analysing them, and based on the rules of todays course..


Obviously what I wrote as my tickets would not pass anyones sniff test by today's standards..

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1) Organize and conduct a Council-wide Roundtable Commissioner's Meeting to allow all District RT commissioners to share ideas.

2) Attend Commissioner College and obtain my Bachelor of Commissioner's Science

3) Make a presentation at Roundtable on "working with Scouts with Disabilities"

4) Organize, promote, and conduct Den Chief Training in the District.

5) Clean, sort, and organize the Cub Scout Day Camp supplies, and find a better home for them.


Finished my ticket last month, received my beads 2 weeks ago.


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1) Improve the campfire program in the troop

2) Provide training and Job Description for Chaplain Aide in the Troop

3) Introduce trail cooking to the Troop

4) Have troop elections for Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders

5) Attempt to recruit more adult leaders to support program



I used to be an Owl......

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MT What of your 5 tickets depended on Scouting U... I don't see it.


Sorry, it was 3. Promote Venturing Leader Specific Training to my crew committee


U of S was going to be my primary training outlet for getting my adult leaders. There were other opportunities since then. I did lots of promotion of subsequent trainings, and later co-taught the course for folks from a neighboring crew. But you know how once someone muddles through for a while without something, they feel that it's perfectly OK to keep on doing it? Well ... that's my people.


Also if yours is at month 17 you must have had a vision all these steps fell under ...


"Because of our enthusiasm for outdoor activities and involvement in social activities that extend across district, council, and area, students and graduates in and around our school district will see our crew as the co-ed outdoor program of choice."


not sure how ticket #4 fell into that vision.


That's a diversity goal. Getting youth to appreciate what's good about their neighborhoods and share it with their fellow venturers. Getting the youth and their plans for great activities "out there." And showing Venturers some different ministry and service opportunities. The challenge: you would be amazed how much kids think there's nothing fun (and safe) in their neighborhoods! (Maybe that's what drove them to be a Crew!)


It seems this past year I've done 10 other ticket items besides these. :(


I think we're achieving our vision. It just isn't happening primarily through my WB ticket! (Did I ever mention this Advisor business can be a wild ride?)


By the way, you all might not have known it. But you've been great sounding boards, even as I'm coming down to the final stretch. Thanks.


Oh, and I used to be a crow,

a good old ... Oooooh shiny!


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I have heard of some councils using the obsolete patrols, or making their own. Our council, sees the names as black and white, you can't color outside the lines.. Of course rarely do we fill a course and get those antelopes.


We are hopful for our Spring one though, we have over 40 already. This one is different from the normal one.. We always hold it the same weekends of Fall, some could never attend those weekend. We also are not running it over a Sunday, which is allowing LDS to come. Therefore it was a gamble if it would succeed or flubber-dubber..(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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I focused on my Troop:


1. Improve advance scheduling and trip planning for the Troop year

2. Recruit additional MB counselors (10) and Committe members (5)

3. Recruit outside speakers to discuss carreers / hobbies / outdoor skills at our meetings monthly

4. Implement Patrol Level campouts and meetings in addition to our normal Troop meetings

5. Provide training for a Troop "Trail to Eagle" program

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When I took WB it didn't have the 5 ticket items it had 9 items, it had them broken down into 3 areas and worked a bit differently than those today. I think they were three personal, three professional and three for scouting.


I was an ASM in charge of Advancement so my scouting goals were:


1) Improve the T->FC process in my troop.


2) Work with council to improve the Webelos outdoor leader training program with emphasis on helping them transition the boys.


3) Go back pick up a Webelos II den as DL and work with them for a year and help them make the transition into Boy Scouts.


1* I stayed in the ASM/Advancement of the troop for 13 years.


2* I worked with the council and headed up the Webelos outdoor leader training program for 6 consecutive years.


3* I enjoyed #3 so much I repeated it a second time with another group of boys. Five of the 6 boys of the first group and 4 of the 5 of the second group all Eagled.


Back in the day, :) the goal setting for WB tickets were more a starting point for the participants to identify skills and interest and pursue them throughout one's scouting career. When I went in for my "final" review with my WB coach, he asked me what I had done for my ticket and if I was finished. I flat out told him, it would never be finished in the time allowed. He smiled and signed off on it. I never saw my ticket as a one shot goal. The game ain't over 'til the final buzzer. :)


I used to be a Beaver. :)



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1) Facilitate and lead the God and Me class for 1-3 graders

2) Coordinate and Lead the Pack in the pledge of Allegiance and presentation of Colors at a City Council meeting

3) Scouting for Food Coordinator for the Troop

4) Become First Aid,CPR,AED certified for the Pack and Troop

5) Serve as Cubmaster for District Cub Scout Day Camp


3 years later, I'm still serving as Cubmaster for Day Camp. Apparently, It's true, once you get roped into Key Staff, they don't let you go :)


I used to be a Beaver!


If it weren't for Beavers, the rest of the critters would just wander around aimlessly!

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I was a UC at the time, and mine focused around training for my units/CO I was assigned to.


1. Coordinate onsite trainings (at the CO) for units I was assigned.

2. Achieve 60% of unit vounteers have been trained for their position (due to #1, I was able to get 100%, including the CORs)

3. Give the WB talk to during the leader's meetings I attend to promote additional training events.

4. Conduct a feasability study at a particular CO I was assigned to see if a Crew would be viable to enhance their young-adult outreach.

5. Create a locally funded scholarship fund to send one adult to WB each year from the town in which I was living.


I used to be an Antelope.

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