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Seattle wrote

Will the Spanish Wood Badge course be set up to accommodate LDS Scouters who can't participate on Saturdays?



Ha! Ha! SP... My ONLY Spanish is "No Hablo Espanol!!!"... I don't think it will get me very far as a staff member if they made are WB (altered for LDS) but also to accomidate those who have other annual difficulties with our Fall WB (like a major Jewish holiday falls in our Fall WB..) Also Highland Games, as well as people who get consumed just getting their Pack restarted after a Fall recruitment or Summer break (on & on, "this WB is for you" reasons for our special WB..) But the LDS is what broke up the days into a weird mix.


If anything, since we are in NH we might be more apt to hold it in French for our French-Candian neighbors..) But so far we haven't hit to much of a pocket of foreign speaking anything.. Maybe not interested in Scouting?? But, even in public places it's odd to get foreign speaking people around you..

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The Boy Scouts of America, along with the leadership of National executive board member Jose Nio invite you to the first-ever Spanish Wood Badge Course at the Bechtel Summit in West Virginia to be held in conjunction with our friends from Scouts de Mexico. Certain segments of this course will also be conducted in English. Oscar Santoyo | All Markets Strategist BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Program Impact


Not a problem for me.  This sounds like we are simply fostering goodwill and information sharing with our scouting brothers/sisters from Mexico.  I see nothing in this post to indicate that Woodbadge is becoming a bi-lingual course on an on-going basis. 


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Since I saw someone say Wood Badge and Scouts Canada in the same sentence, I searched on it.


Found this little gem. Scouts Canada publishes the matrix of leader tasks/behaviors (not courses, tasks) they expect of their volunteer Scouters.




Worth the look

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Jeffrey - This is sarcasm about a video that was played around here about 6 or more months back.. In it our great Cheif Exec( Mazzuca ) is telling everyone that BSA must start running BSA soccer because we want the Hispanics to get the valuable experience of working with our Adult leaders.. But Hispanics are family oriented and do not like camping.. So it is not necessary that we get them out in a tent.. Just give them a net and a soccer ball..


And Ta-Da BSA Soccer is born.. Due to all the Hispanics who don't like to camp.

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To add to the sarcasm, one Hispanic family actually quit my pack b/c we do not camp ENOUGH for them. And we something like 2 camp outs and a fishing rodeo for everyone, plus a webelos only camp out, in an 8 week period or there abouts.


Grant you we don't camp in winter, just spring and fall, but we camp. And I have cubs chomping at the bit to go camping.


Heck I had to do some Dutch oven pizza last nite for one Cub and his brothers to placate them. Kinda fun listening to a 3yo ask when he gets to go camping next :)


Not fun when they are complaing that you are camping without them due to training :(


Used the excuse that I need practice cooking in the Dutch oven with the wife. ;)(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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Moose.....my experience is very contrary to yours.......My hispanic families love to camp.....they do it as a family. There is going to be some issues when the boys become boy scouts, but right now the whole family goes.....


One dad loves to cook, so it is fantastic........

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Basement this wasn't my expirence.. This is just what our great BSA National leader has to say about hispanics..


Here in cow-hampshire, we don't really have many hispanics that are not fully Americanized.. I am sure we have them.. We have to have them somewhere!!! I just don't run into them much (and I am not one to shop at SAX, and get chauffered around where I would never meet any common folks.)


Gosh maybe that's it.. They shop at SAX and I don't run in their circles..


For the most part NH is not quite a melting pot like the rest of you mutts... But we are getting there.. I know our state did ask that the refugee quota not be so large this year, with the economy the way it is we don't have the resources to relocate them.. The last few years I know we have brought in alot of refugees from Somali and other places.. I do know people complain our night janitors don't speak English, but I am never here when they are..


Still rarely do I see any.. They are not in scouting for the most part, as I have never had foreign speaking people in training courses, nor is that a concern of Adult Leaders when they come to training.

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AFAIK, Scouting is strong in Puerto Rico, and they camp.


And its strong here among the Cuban community of South Florida (they even maintain a few scouting awards they had in the Cuban Scout Association). And they camp. We have a big annual camporee here called the Lincoln-Marti Camporee.


Here is a page on it: http://carlosarboleya.com/camporie.html





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Wood Badge in Spanish: How else are Mexicans going to learn that Hispanics hate camping?


Jeffrey H writes:


"That's news to me. Care to elaborate?"




Since 1972 Wood Badge has used "diversity" as an excuse to move the Boy Scout program away from camping, and replace Scoutcraft with "character and leadership."


Here is an example of the "Urban Youth" program introduced the year after our current Chief Scout Executive began his Scouting professional career:


In general, Patrol Leader training should concentrate on leadership skills rather than on Scoutcraft Skills. The Patrol will not rise and fall on the Patrol Leader's ability to cook, follow a map, or do first aid, but it very definitely depends on his leadership skill.




Here is a video of our Chief Scout Executive explaining why it is wrong to expect 12yo Hispanic Boy Scouts to sleep in tents:




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Strange, coming from an area with a Hispanic majority, I have not observed that Hispanic youth dislike camping. Now I have observed that they see Scouting as "a game for rich boys" and tend to stay away for that reason, and with the way we tend to "market" and "merchandise" the BSA to death, that doesn't surprise me.

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Having been a scout and scouter in Arizona, I'm still mystified at our Chief Scout Executive's statements about the Hispanic community and camping. My experience matches Emb's and Sherminator's.


Also, fully concur with Sherminator's observation about the "rich kid" appearance of the BSA. Too much Gucci camping gear; expensive, non-utilitarian uniforming; and indoor homework-style badge earning, which are turn offs for many regardless of demographic.

(This message has been edited by desertrat77)

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