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Why is Wood Badge calling the Prisoners Dilemma the Game of Life?

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I was not thrilled about TGOL/PD when I took the course.


I am not thrilled about it now.


I would venture that 98% of Course Directors/Program Directors do not have the true training to effectively manage this Hobson's Choice styled "game."


As for Basementdweller's comment:

Scouters are not as selfless as they appear on the surface.......this GAME exposes them for the dirt bags they really are.


I counter with...

Romans 3:22b-23 ---

"There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, ..."


We're all dirtbags.

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"There ain't much in WB that hasn't already been taught in Management 101 at any community college or corporate professional development seminar. I await the revelation of what makes the WB version of

Wood Badge was a great course to enhance management skills. I have been to many other courses like this as I work in Corporate HR in the real world. The fact is many people are not exposed to these

I don't pretend to be anything more than I am........


My boys both in the Pack and Troop are the most important thing in my scouting world. I will no longer waste my time on scouting other than my home units.


I am no saint, I will not have district, council or anyone tell me NO when it comes to my boys an program. I will follow the rules and guidelines set by the BSA. I have thumbed my nose at the district......Haven't been to round table in 3 months now.......The stress I was under is gone.


In the district and councils eyes, I am positive they view me as a trouble maker and a pain in the behind. Who cares I am not breaking any rules......


For those who know my opinion of the JTE.....we scored 2150 on it if I remember correctly. We did not score max points on webelos crossing over, I lost too many to sports and other interests.

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The mystique of Wood Badge. Who can say?

The Game of Life wasn't the only thing that made me mad. That whole day built to that event. I could tell that that was what was going on, they were orchestrating inter-patrol tension. It was blantantly obvious.

For one, it is not like that for another.

I have an opportunity to serve on a course Staff. It will be interesting.(This message has been edited by Jay K)

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It appears that the tradition of some Councils is to force a negative experience for the participants in TGOL, even to the extent of prompting tension in many of the patrol activities. Ive even heard of one WB course that schedules TGOL as the final event on Day 3 before departing camp, to ensure that participants are storming during the entire time between weekends one and two.


That is just wrong. In my mind, that approach almost constitutes mental hazing.


Yes, the Game has value, if run correctly (which is not easy). It takes a dedicated, experienced leader, who ideally runs the game a few years in a row for more than one course, to keep TGOL on track, orchestrate a solid debriefing, and make it a fun (yes, fun) learning experience. Having staffed several courses, I know first hand that our Council is fortunate to have a number of these experienced Wood Badgers who dont let things get out of control, who dont allow mental or emotional hazing, who can tie it all together at the end, and who do run TGOL as it was designed.


I would also suggest, although not in the syllabus, that the Course Director end TGOL with a Scoutmaster Minute, tempered to the actual experiences during the Game. I did that for our last course, and it helped bring everyone back to earth.


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Wow that is really sad bordering on tragic.


If you must have them here they are.





It is all about the bead


Looks like my beads will be coming from ebay as well, being stonewalled by my Ticket Councilor. He is too busy to get with me and go over my ticket. I will give it another week and call the CD and ask to be assigned another one.


Ya know, I am not going to waste $14 on bead, my scouthood or dedication is not measured by knots or badges.....Mine is measured by the growing Pack and troop and the smiles on the boys faces.



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Don't give up, you put too much time into your Ticket. I'd suggest contacting the CD now and telling the CD that your Ticket is done and you need the CD to sign off or have another Ticket Counselor do it. If you have a specific date/event in mind for your beading ceremony (Court of Honor, Blue and Gold, Camporee, Roundtable, etc), why not share that date with the CD - that will put some time pressure on him/her.


Should the CD not get back to you in a timely manner, contact the Council Training Chair.

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I am shouting at you b/c you have worked too hard, and overcome to many obstacles, and dealt with to much garbage to give up now.




As for a beading ceremony, I say do it at a place where you can share it with the folks you did it for: at a pack event.


Good luck!

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