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Ok, got email from someone looking for Den Cheif training, was hoping I was putting it on in tommorrows courses.. I am not, wont until June..


Kindof looking for earlier.. I thought there was on-line training to get him quick up, but on checking there isn't (off topic, but when there noted that for cubscouts 2 specific courses seem no longer offered in English but Spanish only? Tiger & I think Wolf..


I also thought that like all jobs you could be a Den Chief without the training? But maybe the Troop or Pack added the condition that training comes first..


Also thought there was maybe something a Pack trainer could put them through as a quick start..


The Den Chief Training by district has lots of game play, not really a one-on-one type of training..


Any suggestions on what to recommend or offer??

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Training is not required to serve as a den chief, but it is required to earn the Den Chief Service Award. The actual language is pretty flexible, though: "Attend a den chief training (if available within year of service) OR be trained by the assistant Cubmaster and den leader."

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