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I used to be a Bobwhite...


I had my Wood badge beading tonight at our District Roundtable. Our course director (Who posts here as Tokala) and my Troop Guide did the ceremony. Some of my patrolmates were able to attend. It was also nice to have my wife and 2 little girls and my dad (who is a former ASM) there.


In addition to the WB regalia, I and one other commissioner were pleasantly surprised to receive the Distinguished Commissioner Award tonight. A nice little honor after nearly six years of commissioner service.


I promise I won't let it go to my head.

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Congrats from the Buffalo Patrol...


It's interesting that after almost 6 years.... I'm still involved/working with 2 of the 5 tickets from my participant course, and this year I'll have the 2nd course as a staffer to encourage other "critters" along.



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