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Good morning.


I am looking for information as to how long Trainer's Edge is good for. i.e does it need to be renewed?


I have been told that it needs to be renewed every two years, but I can't find that information in print.



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From the October Training Update @ http://scouting.org/Training/TrainingUpdates/Archives/201010.aspx


Training Courses Requiring Recertification


Most BSA training courses do not require recertification with the obvious exception for Youth Protection Training (YPT) which is required every two years. The following is a list of courses requiring recertification and the timeframe for each:



■Trainers EDGE Three years

■Paddle Craft Safety Three years

■Swimming and Water Rescue Two years

■Safety Afloat Two years

■Chain Saw Safety Two years

■Note: National Camping School certification is good for five camping seasons.


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I would say that Trainer's EDGE is good for as long as you can remember what you learned. However, if you need it to count as a prerequisites for Wood Badge or NYLT, then you need to have taken or retaken it within the past three years. I took it a few months ago to see how it was different from TDC and do not plan on retaking it unless either I accept an invitation to staff Wood Badge or NYLT or technology changes so much that I want to see how it has been incorporated into the course.


Chazz Lees

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On a side note to this topic: I was just organizing a Venturing Specific Course.. I got two Advisors from our two most successful Venturing Crews willing to organize it.. One is a high school Teacher who has a Venturing Crew of about 1.5 years with over 25 youth involved.. The other has been a Venturing Advisor from it's inception, very knowledgable, crew is a decent size (about 12).. I am happier the a pig in mud..


Then the "seasoned" Advisor seems to be killing off my other advisor by putting all these training stipulations to being able to teach this course..


Needs EDGE.

Needs PowderHorn.

Needs to have taken the course.

Some other easy to come by on-line courses I am sure my other trainer has, but I am unsure about the three I have mentioned..




Well EDGE I have been told repeatedly is only needed for WoodBadge & NYLT staff..


Powderhorn ?? REALLY!! We don't require Woodbadge for any of our other District Trainers.. So why Powderhorn for this..


It would make sense that to have taken the course, but even here.. While staffing other things the other district trainers tell me to staff with Trainers who need to take the course themselves. Then they just add their name to the list at the conclusion of the course..


I sent off an email to my Council Training Chair with the list.. And stated, with only 7 Crews on district, 5 of which are failing.. If there is some sort of higher requirement to be a Venturing Trainer, then you make it impossible to fullfill your request to staff a Venturing Specifics training at the district level..

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I talked with a guy from National about the Trainer's EDGE requirement, and was told that the plans are to revise the syllabus every so often to keep new and interesting platform and presentation techniques on tap.


We'll see!

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"Plans are to revise the syllabus every so often to keep new and interesting platform and presentation techniques"


Don't cha love it when they change the training so that they can make you take training again?



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To Moose -


I think trainers EDGE is a reasonable expectation for a trainer to posess. In this day of Powerpoint, and the difficulty in getting folks to training in the first place... the last thing you need is a "boring" slide show. We've all attended the horror shows: the presenter that reads directly from the slide, for example. Or the presenter that speaks like a robot.


BUT - and this is a big BUT - in your case the "untrained" presenter in this case is a professional educator!


You as the District Training Chair make the policies for your trainings, do not let the inmates run the asyllum. For heavens sake, you couldn't ask for a more "trained" presenter than an educator.


Powderhorn - agreed with shortridge, that is only for the outside stuff.

Has taken the course - it is a well known fact that BSA has allowed "instructors" to also be on the participant list to gain credit for the course.


Long story short, your second "experienced" trainer should be "un-invited" to your training class, and you and the "inexperienced advisor" present the course!

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