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Ok.. Third post I have started, I am monopolizing the board.. Sorry.. But doesn't count it was a test because my posts were erroring out..

So :

1) The last Monthly training update was in November.. It is now March.. Whats with that?? They did better with the bi-Monthly during the Jamboree, which they posted they were doing because those who did the updates would be busy with the Jamboree..

2) What is going on with the update to combine IOLS with OWLS. It was suppose to be last Fall I was hoping it would be this Spring.. I have an IOLS in late May, I so hope the new training will be out by then..

3) My DE sent be a statistical report.. In pen it is stated it came from myscouting.org.. It is for the whole council showing what myscouting.org has for who our Adult Leaders are, breaks down who has Youth protection & basic training for each adult leader position.. (Stats dont look very good).. I went looking, if it is there and hoping it was by District and also Unit, but if it is there, it is locked away from the common user.. I do see a statement that myscouting has Council and District tools.. Anyone know if this statistical report can be broken down to at least district level?


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You should be able to get from your DE or council office the "Adult Training Statistics Report" (council and district breakdowns) and "Training Not Completed" report (this is by district and unit specific within the report).


It sounds like from your post the info your DE sent was from the Training Validation. You need access to the member ID numbers to get this info.



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I do get the Trained & untrained Reports, for what it's worth.. Since some people are permenently stuck as trained even though they have changed position, and the position Training req. of the new position now makes them untrained.. Others are permently untrained even though they have taken all training and the report can not even list anything that they need to take to become trained..


I also get a real nice excel report from Council that states all the training on an excel spreadsheet for all active members.. And that one I rely on more then the Trained/Untrained Reports..


Thing is the Rechartering program is on MyScouting, so I tell people what our council Database showed as trained, and then the recharter uses the MyScouting database, and what I am telling them doesn't jive with what they need to fix in order to get past the rechartering..


The Report is Labeled the "Training Statistics Report". Will myScouting break it down to the district level?

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The Adult Training Statistics Report is one of the reports I get monthly from our council registrar. My DE usually sends a copy to me as well. These reports come from MyBSA, not MyScouting. As far as I know, there is not a program in MyScouting that does what you're asking.


Yes, the Adult Training Statistics report is broken down by council and district.


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Your right, I'm wrong.. It was penned in as myBSA, not myscouting..


Thanks, I will ask my DE then for the district version of this, I can then do the same stats on the info from the council DB.. Somewhere in the middle of the two will be the truth..

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