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I was informed by my CD last night that my completed ticket has been approved! WOO-HOO!


Now the question is the particulars of the beading ceremony. My ticket counselor recommended I do it at the district award banquet in January because "everyone who is anyone will be there, and with all those people the singing will be fantastic!"


Yeah, right. Fortunately for me, I work rotating shift and won't be able to attend this gala event, so I need to think about how I want to do it.


I've been to only one ceremony before; it was held just before round table, didn't take too long, we all sang Back to Gilwell and got back to business. I've heard on these forums of one guy who was simply handed an envelope and discovered his regalia inside. Although I think in that instance someone erred, it would suit me fine.


But it is said, "Funerals aren't for the dead, they're for the families and friends." And my wife wants to video the ceremony, so I can't get out of having one. Anyone have suggestions?

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the last two beading ceremonies I've seen were KISS affairs. Counselor came up, put the ax in the log, explained what WB was, gave the regalia, and it was done. No Singing, no critter calls, nothing. took under 10 minutes, and one was at a district camporee's campfire, the other at an OA lodeg meeting after an Ordeal.

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