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I was introducing the premise of the ticket to a non-BSA friend. When I mentioned that one must complete his/her 5 items in 18 months, my friend asked, "What consequences are there if somebody doesn't?"


I wasn't sure of an appropriate response. Clearly the person's Wood Badge formal association with the course in which he/she was would end. However, would that same person be allowed to enroll in some subsequent course? Must do the whole thing all over again or pick back up where one left off? Permanently excluded from Wood Badge for failure to progress?


That will show me for trying to talk about things without knowing the whole truth! :-) Anybody have the answer?

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that's a good question.


Chances are there will be a "It depends" answer.


The Course Director has some say in these matters, and if the ticketee missed by a month or two... the CD would probably let it slide, and the woodbadger would be allowed to receive their beads.



If, however, the woodbadger misses the ticket window by a "long time" they would need to start over as an attendee at a future course.


The person would still be "trained" in wood badge items, they just wouldn't be eligible to wear the beads and tartan necker.


If the ticketee wants to complete it, and their Ticket Counselor is effective, this situation should rarely occur. But there are certainly people who do not wish to complete their ticket, or were brow beaten hard enough that the ticket was incredibly difficult to complete, so they just quit.



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I asked this same question, and it does happen that people don't finish their ticket items. Once this happens then that person would have to attend another course. I know that there were two people that had this happen to them over here. One moved back to the states, and the other was booted from the course.

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As I understand it, the broad policy is one participation in the curriculum per edition of the course. If you do not complete the applied phase (ie, the ticket), too bad, so sad, your problem.


Now, have/will individual course directors' vary from that? You don't know if you don't ask.


Qualifications to enter the course are in the CD materials, maybe a present/former CD can enlighten us.

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I met a SM who did not finish his ticket, due to circumstances beyond his control. Long story short, despite not earning his beads, he was one of the most respected SMs in the council, and his troop was one that every SM would dream of, esp. Kudu, as they were a hiking and a camping troop. They regularly went to Philmont and the other HA bases, did a mix of car camping and backpacking, and when someone wore a rank, they really did master the skills involved.

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"What consequences are there if somebody doesn't?"

The ticket is part of the course, if someone doesn't complete the ticket within the time frame, they haven't completed the course.


If the person feels that they have a good reason for getting it done on time, they should talk to their ticket counselor who can if possible talk to the CD who can allow an extension.

The old Cub Scout WB ticket had to be all about adult leader training. Which was at times very hard on the participants.

They might have had a ticket item about an event that for some reason they couldn't attend or the event might be canceled. This meant contacting the Cubmaster and having the ticket item changed. Sometimes, being as the course was a Regional course, this was hard.

I had a couple of participants who had ticket items to do with a Pow Wow that was canceled. The CM was in the Transatlantic Council when she led the course. But when we tried to find her, we couldn't.

In the end the participants just said "Forget it." And just gave up. They never completed their tickets and never completed the course.

I had one guy who while working on his ticket had the misfortune of having his house burn down. I as CD did of course allow him an extension. He completed the course a few months late, but was good to go. Receiving his beads and all that good stuff.

We have had participants who after the course have quit scouting for a while, without completing the course, they will if they decide that that want to complete the course have to restart it from the beginning.

This goes along with the ticket items being SMART goals.



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My understanding is (and someone should correct me if I am mistaken) at one time you could not be a participant at Wood Badge if you had ever been a participant before, regardless if you received your beads or not. Now as I read a copy of the 2009 WB Admin Guide, it says,


"To attend a Wood Badge course, Scouters must 1) Be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. (There are no tenure requirements.) 2) Have completed the basic training courses for their Scouting positions. 3)Have completed the outdoor skills training programs for their Scouting positions. 4) Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. Successful completion of the BSA class 3 physical is required for all participants. Note: Individuals who have attended Wood Badge in the past (either Cub Scout Trainer's Wood Badge or Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge) may attend Wood Badge for the 21st Century provided that: 1) They agree to write and work a Wood Badge for the 21st Century Ticket; and 2) they agree not to wear Wood Badge beads until they have successfully completed their Wood Badge for the 21st Century ticket."


So if WB was ever a "one shot, no do-overs" deal, it no longer says so in the WB Admin Guide, 2009 edition. I wouldn't know if they changed anything for the 2010 course year.

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As WB Staff, I asked this question and was told: "it depends"

* extensions are granted (house burning down just might qualify!)

* ticket item situation might change due to no fault of the participant.

* or... just sloth and poor planning might lead to a missed deadline, in which case, the participant can take the course again... AND "it depends" whether or not they would be REQUIRED to take the two weekends again, or just plan another set of tickets. That's what I was told.


Now, that being said, I met an older man with a chest full of square knots. He said that this was the SIXTH WB he had been to, in more than one council. He just liked the comraderie and such... He was a 4 beader, but did not wear them thru the course, he was just "one of the boys". No, he was not a "plant" from National. Everyone on Staff knew about him.

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** Foolish. I wouldn't deny it's possible, but not if he were truthful when he registered. If you've conpleted Wood Badge, you don't do it again (current situation with different course, yes ... 6 times? No.).

It sounds like it's all about him (not the kind of guy who should be wearing 4 beads).




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