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I was the Training Coordinator for the troop, but the position of Pack trainer was not around when my son was in cub scouts. if you had a new Pack Trainer, what information and tips would you give them that will help them do their job.


I am looking at rejoining a pack in order to learn more about it, due to my current position in District Training they are wanting me to take Pack trainer.. I know this should be a job for someone who has been in cub scouting for a few years, technically I have been, but so long ago I really am someone green to cub scouting. Parts of the job of Troop training coordinator are the same in the Pack, the adult awards, monitoring who needs training in the unit and encouraging them to take the training. Making people aware of our districts trainings, and finding them the trainings for other districts if our district dates are not convient.. Welcoming the parents of new scouts and getting them acclimated to the program. I also know about the den leader position having had my son be a den leader.


I am unsure I want to accept it or not.


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Yes, that page is similar to what I am getting in the PT Specifics.


The info on the "Just don't try to be an "end-all" for a CM which can quickly become a crutch." is the stuff I am after.


In what way would he dump on me? Like just comeing to me for answers to questions? Or sending all the Den Leaders to me rather then deal with them? Or expect me to find the Den Leaders for Dens which need leadership?

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From my perspective (that leaders can contribute "some of a job" according to his/her abilities and available time, even if other parts of the oh-fficial job description aren't covered), if the Pack has nobody in the Pack Trainer role now, your skills definitely fit a good part of what the Pack Trainer can do.


I say what the Pack Trainer "can" do, because depending on Pack Trainer abilities and available commitments, the Pack Trainer can do several roles -- and the job can be split among several people to fit these roles -- hopefully your CM and CC feel the same way, and welcome anyone who will help in any parts of these jobs:


1) Training Coordination and Communication: a lot of over-worked, under-trained Den Leaders get inundated with information about Scouting Stuff, and suffer from flyer fatigue, newsletter numbness, and email ennui (a feeling of utter weariness and discontent ... had to look it up to keep the alliteration alive). Sometimes they just need someone to:


(a) organize and communicate the most immediate and essential training options (what to do next that will help them the most), and

(b) talk to them (live, or by phone) to be sure they know what is out there and how to get the training help that they need.

-- Lots and lots of well meaning folks just can't, or don't, focus on when and how to get training help, and/or get frustrated if "finding out more" takes more than a mouse click or two.

-- Not to mention the folks who give up on on-line training because they don't have the right browser, etc., and just figure "it's not meant to happen".


2) Training Records and Recognition: also great, especially as we have more of a tie to training and rechartering. And if the CM or CC has someone who is always ready to stand up at a Pack Meeting and recognize those who do any training (including roundtable) is one less thing that the CM or CC has to remember to do, and thus is a great relief.

-- Multiple voices make messaging meaningful.


3) Actual Training: also great, and because it is called "Pack Trainer" and not "Pack Training Coordinator", that's one reason folks often shy away; that said, a common (but not universal, certainly not required) type of leader who becomes a Pack Trainer is a former Den Leader who can help show succeeding Den Leaders the ropes.

-- Of course, if you've taking the training and been in / helped with any meetings, you can help train already.

-- And for many Pack Trainers who think "oooh nooo, I can NOT teach the training syllabus, no sir!", the cool thing is now ya can sit with a leader or three at a computer, and together watch the on line training. By doing it with two or more people, ya can pause it and discuss where questions arise.

-- And if you don't know the answer, you'll point out that www.scouter.com exists as a 24/7 help center to take questions and give answers, sometimes good answers!


On the actual training element, I love the concept in the BSA piece linked above that says "Conducting other training as designated by the district and/or council".

-- It's like you're going to get conscripted to go do trainings wherever the Council deploys you!!

-- You there, BSA number 123456789: the Council designates you to lead BALOO this Saturday. 8:00AM. BE THERE! ;^)


The "Unit Leadership Enhancements" (see http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Unit_Leadership_Enhancements, as the scouting.org link for that from google is a 404 not found) can be useful if integrated into whatcha need now and coordinated with CC/CM messaging, because if the CC/CM are on top of that stuff, they are gonna be addressing them as they do their jobs. If they rely on you to, say, teach "Pack Budget Plan", and then rope ya into doing the Budget, that will be bad job creep.


So, if you can do some of the role, spell out what your role is, and avoid "job creep".


My $0.02. YMMV.



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Well, if you decide to become Pack Trainer, there are a couple meetings in our council that sort of do double duty.


Just don't be the the only Pack representative attending Round Table (always lots of networking and training info available) or training opportunities (like Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders).


Definitely recruiting new leaders is out of scope, but tracking/making information available for getting the new leaders YPT/position specific is.


I sorta picked up Pack Trainer duties in my pack (we were small). I attended District training events not only to take training myself (for more than just my current position), but to be able to give 1-st hand info what the training was back to new leaders.


Now that most of it's online, it looses the networking and question/answer that you could find yourself now responsible for.

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www.scouting.org??? Never heard of it? What's that..


Don't laugh at the District looking to Pack trainers for help.. Maybe not in a way that you are drafted as you say, and just assigned.


Not that I will call and draft a Pack Trainer, but I will be visiting units and some of those people I want to meet with in a Pack will be their Pack Trainer in order to see if they might be interested in helping with training at a district level, and if so where their intrests may lie. (Some people may be more organizational others may be more able to teach.. Also their knowledge would have to be in subjects that would be of value to the course taught.


I may also use them to look for and pass on names to me of people in scouting who might be good at or willing to be part of the district training staff..


So don't be surprised if you are a Pack Trainer and your district Training chair comes a-knockin'..

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Pack Trainers need to attend EDGE Training, the replacement course for "Trainor Development Conference."


The EDGE course is offered usually annually by the Council, and folks need to pre-register, as there is "pre-homework" that the attendees must complete PRIOR to the course.


This course is also usually limited to a finite number of attendees, since the course requires "patrol" style learning.


Check the Council calendar, and make sure any potential PT is aware that EDGE is expected.



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Thanks, I am already EDGE Trained.. They required I do that as a district Training Chair.. In order to "set a good example".. Luckily no pass/fail grade as I am no public speaker.. But, I did my duty..


They had you tack up little post-it notes on how you will use EDGE in the future.. "I said something like.. "Don't know as my trainers have to do this stuff.. I don't.." I have been forced to eat my words twice now, as I have had to fill in during a training when trainers dropped out at the last minute.

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