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Southern Region Wood Badge numbering is changing

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Interesting! I took my course last year and our course number was SR-999/571-90. I figured out that the 571 was our council number and 90 was the course number. I was always perplexed by the 999. After looking at other courses websites, the 999 is the code for Philmont. Which is where I took WB. However, at my beading last week, I looked at my official certificate and it showed the course number as

SR999-6. Oh well, it will always be "90" for me. At least yours will be easy to remember


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Wood Badge course numbering was previously manged by each area and region. With the regional infrastructure effectively pulled back to Irving, the decision was made to no longer manage the numbering system but rather number each Wood Badge course based on the region, area, council, and year.


So our council's next Wood Badge course is N2-72-11-1, which translates into:


Northeast Region (N)

Area 2 (2)

Council 72 (72)

held in 2011 (11)

and it will be the first course held by our council in 2011 (1)

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Heard it was coming. We brand the participants mug and stave (both provided by the course) with the course number inside the axe and log. Either we will be doing away with that tradition or the log is going to be about twice as long and the brand cost twice as much. :)

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What idiot in Irving went and bought the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) TRADOC Educational Data System?


These things look identical to TREDS course numbers.




At Beav... Have you thought of doing the number just underneath the log?

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1) Things change because the new thing is "better": more logical, longer lasting, cheaper, more useful to those involved.

2) Things change because the people in charge must recreate their world in their own image. This happened EVERYTIME my department got a new manager. Something always changed. Something. Always.

3) Things change because the 'changer' needs to justify his/her existance to the bosses.

4) Things change because the rest of the world has moved on and unless the change is made, the stuff in question will become historic, rather than relevant.

5) Things change because no one resisted the change (for whatever rationale) and it happened.

6) Things change because time only is measured in one direction, at least in our experience.

7) Things change because meteors are non-returnable.

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I heard the new southern region numbering system was:

S(Region)-(council #)-(course # per year)-(two digit year).


I think that is a typo - I'm guessing that it will be as shown above:


S(Region)-(council #)-(two digit year)-course # per year).


My course number (as a participant) was SR-906 - easy enlough even for a simpleton like me to remember.

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The new numbering system seems to follow the ones used by the other regions. Why not make things a little more consistent?


People get confused when I tell them I went through Wood Badge course SE-463.

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It is just an administrative thingy, and that's why there's a push to standardize them from region to region, and from year to year. In the recent past, each region had its own numbering system. This ultimately makes things more simple (for somebody).



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