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Leader Position-Specific - Bear Cub not working?

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I got an email yesterday asking about not being able to access Leader Position-Specific - Bear Cub e-training .


I though it might of been because of High traffic but I tried it this morning and couldn't access the training or the review.

I could see my training certificate.


Any one else having problems?


I didn't try any of the other online training courses - are there any others with problems?

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Yes, I just tried it and saw an error too.


My browser gave me:


You don't have permission to access /courses/cslpsb/course.cgi on this server.


BTW - it's just the Bear course - all the others appeared to start up just fine(This message has been edited by parkman)

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On the question "When did they divide CSDL Specific leader into individual Wolf and Bear components? At that level, both groups are virtually identical", the answers are:


-- Only in the On Line CSLPST at www.myscouting.org is there a separate track for training Wolf and Bear Den Leaders (and for Tiger and Webelos too).


-- In the "live" syllabus, there is a combined Den Leader training for part of the Den Leader training, and then separate modules for Tiger, Wolf/Bear, and Webelos that cover some more common stuff (advancement background, record keeping, field trips, den leader secrets) and some stuff that has differences (advancement details, boy maturity notes).


Interesting to note that because the Tiger Meetings now follow the same format as Wolf, Bear and Webelos meetings (and in past years Tigers have lost "Search Discover Share", orange Ts as the uniform, Bobcat as the first rank, etc.), the Tiger Den is also arguably about as close to Wolf as Bear is to Wolf:

-- Tiger and Wolf each have a "fixed path to get the badge" while Bears have to pick and choose (within limits) about which 12 of the 24 achievements to complete.

-- Effectively, the only program differences between Tiger and Wolf (besides advancement detail and general age/maturity considerations) are that there are more adults in Tiger meetings (adult partners) than are likely in Wolf meetings, and Tigers get yellow beads for their electives while Wolves get Arrow Points.


So, an objective view could be that there because there is about as much different between Wolf and Bear as there is between Tiger and Wolf, why not break them out separately.

-- Though I prefer a different objective view in live training to teach 'em together, so that folks can get a better idea of the progression (how it's different from "last year", what to expect in the future), and also have some idea about how to deal with those other ones when they are on Pack Campouts.




Bert Bender

Pack and District Trainer

South Fulton District, Atlanta Area Council


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Actually, hopefully they took it down to fix a glitch . . . the Bear on line course had this really random note when it explained advancement about which items were "required", and the selections were . . . well, really really random. I assume they need to take it down to fix it.

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Wolf & Bear should be a single course as the program really is identical. I wonder if they simply broke it up to lead you back for a refresher. The reality is the online classes are considerably shorter then their instructor-led counterparts so maybe this was intentional.


As much as Tiger has gotten "in line" with the other age levels, it is still very different. Tigers MUST have their adult partner present at all times, Wolf & Bear Cubs, not so...

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