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Hi all,

Well just finished my 1st weekend of my WB course. Very busy and fast paced. Did not know what to expect from the course. At first was wondering why we did some stuff, then later realized that it was for a purpose. Looking forward to my 2nd week, just hate to leave family again. What is funny is had some car problems coming back, got home fine, went to fix the problem and started sing " BACK To GILLWELL"

guess I enjoyed it more than I thought.


Used to be Antelope and good old Antelope too"

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Catchy isn't it!


I found myself singing it on the way home yesterday from my first weekend too...


My head is still spinning from the weekend and getting up this morning seemed so surreal. I never felt so in-tune with things or laughed so hard in a long time. I already miss it.


"I use to be a Bear

And a good old Bear too"



NE-II-192(This message has been edited by oldisnewagain1)

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Wood Badge is great if one ignores those pesky Beavers.

You Cannot ignore the BEAVER, you must fear the BEAVER!!! BWAHAHA!!

Just Remember:

If it weren't for beavers, all the other critters would just wander around aimlessly!

Beardad and oldisnew:  glad to hear you are getting the most out of your time at WB! Have a great second weekend!


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Congrats on finishing the first weekend. Hope your second weekend is right around the corner so you don't get bored in between. Our weekends were back to back this past August so there were only 4 days in between. I actually liked it because it kept me focused. We had no problem bringing our project together and it was great that our whole patrol went to camp on the Thursday afternoon before the Friday start. Gave us time to finalize the project and perform our service patrol duties without pressure.


I use to be a Fox

and a good ole Fox too!


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Thanks for the replies. our second weekend is about 3 weeks away. Trying get together with patrol for meeting for our project that we are doing . The other service project we are with a couple of other partols are doing a split rail fence.


Trying to get my tickets done and signed off to start them.It has been interesting so far. Hope all goes well the 2nd weekend.

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Hi Bear Dad!


Yes - welcome to the herd!


I enjoyed it, and then realized how much when I started describing it to my wife. The stories just kept coming.


BTW - I find myself humming the song quite a bit too...


Enjoy your second weekend!



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