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Woodbadge and the 21st Century Woodbadge

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You left LHAC just about the time I was becoming active. I went to Cub Trainer Wood Badge in 1993 and Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge in 1995. I was asked to serve on Wood Badge staff in 2002 and again in 2004 and was a course director in 2006. One person you might remember from the shoreline district, Sue Jacobs went to 21st Century Wood Badge in 2002 and recently staffed a 21st C course in 2008. She staffed a Cub Trainer WB course in 1995 or 96, but if she hadn't taken 21st Century WB, she would not have able to staff last year. Of the 30 people in the council who had gone to Boy Scout Leader WB or Cub Trainer WB and staffed a 21st Century course before 2007, one third didn't get it. The last three courses the council has put on have been better because the staff "got it" and there was no references to the old course. I wish I would have set aside my beads and taken the new course. I think I did a great job as a staffer, but it took two courses for me to understand everything the course has to offer.

David Harrison

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