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I've been working on my ticket. I seem to be stuck on two items. Expressing my values and my vision. I'm just not sure what to do here.


For the values, the form makes it look like it should be a list of values. For me that would be liberty, loyalty and compassion. But that alone sounds odd and in need of explaining what each of those means to me in the context of scouting. There is additional place for notes regarding my values. Should I list my values in the one section and then explain them in the notes area?


Regarding the vision. Am I to write my vision for myself, my unit, both or something else entirely?


Does anyone know of a place that has examples? Seeing what others have done could help. Yes, I am asking my fellow Beavers for help with this as well.


Thank you.

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If your primary focus in Scouting is your unit, then thats where the focus of your ticket should be. If you wear many hats in Scouting than pick the one where you will make the most impact. Keep in mind that your vision need not be grandiose. Keep those ticket items SMART

and within your control.




Wally Hymel

Course Director

SR-957 SE Louisiana Council

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