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Troop Uniform Inspection

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The SM handbook says once or twice a year, by the unit commissioner with the chartered organization, if possible. You'll see from the responses you get that many troops, the one I serve included, does it somewhat differently.


We do uniform inspections monthly, first troop meeting of the month. Inspections are conducted by ASMs. The results are used for B-P Patrol Award tabulation.


The prepared BSA Troop Meeting Plans support our method, the monthly part anyway. Look at the TMPs in Troop Resources, and the first one for each theme always says "Conduct a uniform inspection"...



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In my Troop uniform inspections are held usually once a month, and are set by the PLC and ran by the PLC. At random times we may perform special inspections where the Scoutmaster or some other adult does the inspection or maybe even the District Commissioner or other "higher up" who the Scouts don't know. The benefit of using someone the Scouts don't know is it is more impressive to them, and gives them a greater feeling that others do care.


This is just my ramblings take them for what they are worth.




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