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Does anybody fail Woodbadge?

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Our course had 100% ticket completion. One of our participants died before he had completed his tickets and the rest of the participants pitched in and completed them for him. His widow was presented his beads. Apparantly WB beads are one of the few scouting honors or awards which can be presented posthumously (but only on completion of one's tickets).


I cannot imagine a scenario in which a committed volunteer would be asked to leave.(This message has been edited by Buffalo Skipper)

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Buffalo Skipper

I'm maybe a little bit confused.

First I'm sorry I just don't see Wood Badge as an honor!

It is an award given for completing the Wood Badge course.

While I can and do see what was done was done with the very best of intentions. I just don't see how anyone can for whatever reason complete someone else's ticket.

The ticket is a list of goals that are set by the ticket writer as a way of him or her working toward their vision. It can only be completed by that person.

Harsh as it may seem if someone had come to me, when I was a CD with such a plan I would have had to say that it just couldn't be done. (Kinda like a patrol offering to finish the requirements required for Eagle Scout, for a Scout who might have passed away before finishing them.)

As for the question.

Yes people can be asked to leave the course for one reason or an other.

The only reason I know for "Failing" is by not completing.

As the ticket is part of the course, not completing it would come under the heading of non-completion.


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"I was thinking of being asked to leave the training before tickets were set up."







A course I was on we had 2 people who were asked to leave after the first weekend. They were asked to do so by one of the professionals on the course (not sure if they were staff or a participant), with full knowledge/approval of the SE and CD.


The whole thing was something that I think would rarely, rarely, happen. But in the case I saw, was justified...


That's all I'll say on the matter.

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Sorry if you are taking what I was saying out of context. I was talking about things the BSA awarded posthumously, not describing Wood Badge as an honor.


As far as completing someone elses ticket. We were told that could be done. As a participant I didn't have a copy of the syllabus to police our CD to see if it was correct. Only relating what happened.

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Things are more than a little different now, but I was a staff member on a course in which 4 participants were not certified after the practical course including one professional. It was a very messy and unfortunate situation.


In the current generation of Wood Badge, it is conceivable but hard to imagine unless a person stopped attending. We did have that happen once. A person went home after the first day, then came back for the second weekend and was expecting to continue.

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