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Could anyone suggest any free or lowcost training for helping with scouting? I am looking for more updated training with camping, hiking, first aid, backpacking, and more.


I have gotten Basic First Aid, AED and CPR at a college for only $20.


I know this is a broad topic, but I really want to get training and also provide information to other leaders to become more educate on scouting and outside adventures(Camping, Hiking).


Also any free online training stuff would be cool.

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rdcrisco: I have no idea of what kind of outdoor specialty stores there are in your area but these stores offer many opportunities. Outdoor stores, besides REI, offer all kinds of clinics on subjects from GPS, kayaking, to bike repair. I would also contact county parks and recreation departments. Our local county rec depart. offers all kinds of classes taught by hobbyists on everything from fly fishing to bird watching. There are all kinds of groups who love to share their hobbies and are interested in getting others involved. Also contact your state Conservation or Parks Department. The BSA certainly doesn't have the corner on outdoor education and relies heavily on other groups for their expertise.

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* LNT Trainer courses - cost seems to range from $30 to $75, depending on the program. There may not be any scheduled in your area, so contact your State Advocate. www.lnt.org/training/trainercourses.php


* Try your state nature society - it's not just about nature. In Delaware, it offers a hands-on workshop specifically on fire-by-friction, as well as lots of outdoors environmental and identification classes just for adults (so you don't have to feel stupid when the 7th-graders know more than you do!). Cost is very reasonable around here.


* State parks often have low-cost kayak/paddling and fishing instruction.


* For Wilderness First Aid certs - which can be pricey direct from the Red Cross, if it's even available in your area - try contacting your council's outdoor programs department. There may be a local Scouter certified as an instructor who's willing to teach it for the cost of materials.

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The above are some great ideas.


Here are a few more:

- Books


- Community Emergency Response Team has an independent study class called: "Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams". Good stuff for emergency preparedness.



- FEMA also has some independent study classes online for all levels of emergency preparedness.


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rdcrisco writes:


"I know this is a broad topic, but I really want to get training and also provide information to other leaders to become more educated on scouting and outside adventures (Camping, Hiking)."


The most comprehensive book about Scouting ever written is William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt's third edition of Handbook for Scoutmasters.


The book is 944 pages longer than the current watered-down edition!


This is still the book to buy if you want to understand how the BSA expected Scoutmasters to train Patrol Leaders how to run what the BSA defined as a "Real Patrol" using outdoor hiking and camping Scoutcraft adventure skills rather than "one minute manger" business formulas.


You can find used copies for less than $10 per volume at AddAll.






IMPORTANT: To find the correct edition, look for "Volume 1" or "Volume 2" in the description, starting on "page 2" of the above URL!


The later 1940s printings of the 3rd edition include the Patrol Leader Training course, "Intensive Training in the Green Bar Patrol":





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American Canoe Association has excellent paddlin' classes in different areas. Check 'em out online.


College and University outdoor programs are often open to community members and offer good instruction.



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