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When did you first take Scout leader training.

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Scoutmaster Fundamentals 1992


Exploring Basic Leader Training 1996


Cub Scout Basic Leader Training 1998


Venturing Leader Basic Leader Training (as a trainer) 1998 (national told us to use the EBLT syllabus and supplement with the new Venturing handoutsas they hadn't created a proper Venturing syllabus at that time, Oct 1998).


I also had Dis. Com training the first time in 1995.

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I did everything the net offered last spring while my husband was, once again, deployed. I took Scout Master Essentials last spring, too. I have yet to take IOLS becasue my husband is usually TDY in theater two to three weekends a month. Though I prefer being a committee member, we move so much that I want to be sure I can do whatever to ensure my boys can still participate in Scouting, even if that means doing Lone Scouts.

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2002 Cub Scout Committee

2003 Den Leader Specific Bear

2004 Den Leader Specific Webelos

2005 Outdoor Leader Webelos

2006 ASM Scoutmaster Specific Training

2007 ASM outdoorleader Training

ETA 2009 WoodBadge




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Scoutmaster Fundamentals, 1991

Fast Start Training, 1993 (needed it for a training award)

Greenwood Rangers (local, intermediate level outdoor skills training--good refresher), 2000

Basic Commissioner Training, 2003

Commissioner College BA, 2003

Council & District Activities at Philmont Training Center, 2004

Commissioner College MA, 2005

Several courses at Commissioner Colleges/Universities of Scouing between 2002 and present


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I don't disagree John and perhaps we could do a different thread on how often people have updated their training. Right now I am trying to understand what basic Training programs people learned the program under originally so that we might discuss the differences based on background.


Would you please share the years when you first took leader training and in what program it was?


I will ask that folks stick just to the basic training for the three traditional programs. If we start getting in to all the training courses people have attended we could have some very, very, long posts that won't really relate well to each other. For instance to say you went to College of Commissioners Science doesn't tell us what informatioon you were exposed to since CCS is not a standardized curriculum.


But it would interesting to know when folks first attended basic adult leader training in Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Explorers/Venturing/Sea Scouting.




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Training wasn't quite the same in old days and besides my memory of such things is totally wiped.


I can tell you I took Woodbadge in 1968 and already had my Training Award and SM Key.


I took NEI in 1970.


I took Seabadge & SS Leader basic training in 1998(?). My certificate is buried in a box someplace.

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