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Problem with Woodbadge Trained Leaders

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I personally saw a little of this before and after I attended WB. A little motivation goes a long way if not directed.


I started WB as a CM and finished in my sons new Troop as the New Patrol Mentor/ASM.


1/2 of my tickets were Cub related, and the rest were Council related (providing training). Since I was new to the Troop.


My focus as CM was my Pack...

My focus for WB included my Pack, and Council Training for CM/WL/DL.

My focus after completing my WB included more awareness on how much adults/Eagle Scouts/ 9and more recently OA) do to make Scouting events possible "behind the scenes" (and sometimes up front when it gets rough).


I have to say going to WB opened my eyes to a wider view of Scouting. I have heard people have problems with some event that "those WB'ers" were involved in...but I think they missed the point. As a "bead wearer", you stick out....so you can get lumped in with what is remembered when things go off-track or not.


Personally, I have seen WB'ers take personal responsibility to step up to make everyone's son's Scouting experience a positive one (no matter how much it rains, snows, doesn't snow, food is cold, food is late, etc...).


That's why you see them out there.


CREAK!!! (Me getting off the soap box).






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Currently I am still working my tickets, albeit, slowly.


The SM was in the same training class as I, so I was able to discuss and plan my ticket in a way to go along with the needs of the troop, But also in a way not to overlap his ticket. All my tickets deal with building stronger youth leadership within the troop. I am getting more scouts involved (other than the PLC) in the planning of the Advancement campout, getting the Philmont crew to teach the others practical applications of Leave No Trace and low impact camping.


At the beginning of the Summer I became the SM. Fortunately my tickets will still be applicable for my new position.


As I said I am moving slowly to actually getting My tickets done, and if I don't actually finish them on time, I'm not worried. I have learned a lot from WB and am able to apply so much of it back to the Troop. I think that is the important thing, not whether I ever actually wear the new necker.

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Hello artjrk,


A reminder that, with the approval of your Scout Executive, you can have an additional 6 months to complete your ticket.


Before concluding that you won't finish, I would have a serious counseling session with my ticket counselor. If someone is doing good work in Scouting and in their unit and is doing their best on behalf of youth and to apply what they have learned at Wood Badge, they should finish and get their beads. The ticket should, if necessary, be amended to reflect the good work they are doing. The ticket should be an enabling document, not a pair of handcuffs.

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artjrk, I'll second what Neil said. What happens at the end of the trail isn't always as meaningful as what happens along the way.


Get with your counselor and buy him a cup of coffee or lunch. Working towards the goal can sometimes be more important than actually achieving the outcome you expected when you put it in writing at Gilwell.


A lot can happen in 18 months, and I know several people whose role changed in Scouting after first committing to their ticket. In most cases, the guide and candidate found a way to work around it. A few walked away from their ticket and one or two regretted it later.


I didn't change roles, but I had to re-draft a goal a year into into my 18 months. Imagine planning and coordinating an event that never occurs due to a lack of interest, or creating a training curriculum for a class that winds up never being conducted because the district cancels the training date for one reason or another... Things happen. But just because the event doesn't happen or the training classes don't take place doesn't mean that the work you did is any less of an accomplishment.


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I know a leader who is in woodbadge, about ready to complete his "ticket" items, but his morals around scouts is questionable. Nothing to do with the kids but the fact of his personal questionable "married family life" as been around scouts. Wood Badge should be something people around those in Wood Badge give not a questionable leader gets for completing his "ticket" items that may be done but other factors as the quality of a leader.

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Scoutingtexas, it seems to me that you have been going from thread to thread, insinuating that this individual is not a good leader or role model. I think it is fairly plain that you don't care for this fellow. But what you're doing? Could be considered as libel. And it does you no good. You think you have a leader who is doing morally objectionable things. Maybe you're right, maybe not. I don't live in Texas and I certainly don't know the individuals you are talking about. But honestly, how is posting a bunch of insinuations all over this web forum helping you, or the situation? I don't see it.


Nothing in the WB curriculum amounts to a character test. Dark hint from other leaders are not enough to disqualify someone. If you're that upset and believe you have cause for your concern, go to the Charter Organization. But it better be a clear cut case and there better be loads of evidence to back up your claims because otherwise you're likely to be accused of causing problems where there are none, possibly tearing apart a troop, and, to be blunt, sticking your nose in other people's business. Another option would be to find another troop to serve or to put your son(s) in.

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I'm going to try and say this with short direct words:


If you think your Scoutmaster has a true morals problem, such that he's violating BSA Youth Protection policy, call your Scout Executive.


If you think your Scoutmaster has a true morals problem, but is not violating BSA Youth Protection policy, raise the flag, on the record, to your Committee Chair and your Chartered Partner's IH and COR.


You cannot do anything about his WB program on an internet board such as this. The only people who can stop WB for your Scoutmaster are his Course Director and his Council Scout Executive.


BTW, be prepared for the 2d and 3d order unintended consequences of any action you take. It's possible you'll be the one gone, not him. You're the ASM who's backstabbing your SM in public.


I cannot make the comments any simpler.

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A Wood Badge Ticket Counselor or Wood Badge Course Director can act as a mentor or guide, but most conversations would be about the Wood Badge Leadership principals and the completion of the ticket.


The current Wood Badge curriculum focuses of self-evaluation. If the leader requests feedback as part of a 360 degree assessment, then he may discover the negative aspects of his perceived behavior. If no one has talked to this leader then he may not understand the issues.


As a side note: This leader may automatically discount the words coming from a strongly biased source. The 360 degree assessment would provide balanced feedback.


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