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I am looking for some information.


I am going to be taking over as Cub Master next year and I know I need to get all of my training. Which training do I need to take first and so on.

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See http://www.scouting.org/CubScouts/Leaders/Training.aspx


Take Fast Start and Youth Protection online now.


Find out when your council or district is holding New Leader Essentials and Cub Scout Leader Specific Training and get signed up. If you know your unit commisioner ask him or her. Once you get those done you can wear the Trained patch.


Attend roundtables and network with others in the same boat as you.


Watch for other training opportunities as they come up.

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You're the Cubmaster, so you'll be the principal program officer for your unit. I'd also take:


- All 3 Den Leader specifics (Tiger, Wolf/Bear, and Webelos). Learn about the shoes your DLs have to walk in!


- BALOO. Understand outdoor program policy.


- Safe Swim Defense. Understand how to create a good "pool party".


Like Neal said, attend Roundtable and go to either Pow-Wow (a Council supplemental training for Cub leaders) or University of Scouting (a Council supplemental training with materials for all Scouting programs).


Finally, I'd take Den Chief training. Understand the added value a good Boy Scout can bring to a Den and to a Pack. It also will help you remember to ask various area Troops to provide support to your program.


KISMIF!!! :)

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Good. I am getting some great feedback. Now that I am getting the feed back I will elaborate some more on what I have completed so far.


Online Classes

Youth Protection

Tiger Den Leader


Cub den Leader

Committee member Fast Start

Safe Swim

Safety Afloat


I attend regular Round Tables


Not too much training before the fall, and I am looking at losing the person who is our cubmaster and BALOO person


I am thinking about getting together with some of the others and trying to set up training.

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It looks like you are well on your way doing the on-line training. Since there most likely won't be basic leader training until the fall, buy a copy of the Cub Scout Leader's Book, and the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book, and read them over the summer. After that you will be ready to teach basic leader training :-). If your council offers BALOO training, try to work that in so you will be able to have official pack campouts, and not have to mangle semantics to get around the requirement.


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