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Wood badge Ticket Goals

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Congratulations WarrenW! Don't forget to work your tickets or you will probably have some craaazy Woodbadge Staffer after you!!


GMitch, your diversity ticket can be something that's real personal to you or something that you see lacking in your unit. When I went through course I had as my diversity ticket a report on women leaders in scouting that I have to give as a presentation. It was basically a history lesson on how women have contributed to scouting and some of the difficulties that they had to face.


When I was a Troop Guide, one of the guys in my patrol wanted to see more community unification. So being a cub master, his unit is sponsoring a Pinewood derby for the kids in his neighborhood that aren't of the same religion he is.


Another gentleman I worked with is setting up an orienteering course for people with disabilities and are wheelchair bound.


Think of what's needed, think of what you would like to see happen, envision it and make sure it's SMART


I am looking forward to being on staff again this year and having lots of fun! You just can't get Gilwell out of your head!



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