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Beaver Patrol. I just received my beads in a patrol beading ceremony on the council level on July 31st.


Just Tuesday of this week our troop had a court of honor and I had my fellow Wood Badgers present it to me again so that my troop could see what their scoutmaster had done.


---The "Beav".......m`˚()˚m~#




Soon to be Staffer for SR-948.


We had a Good Ol' Raven for our Scoutmaster, but he passed away about a month and half before SR-831 cranked up. :(


We all miss him very dearly. We honored him by giving his son(who was our Council's Camp Director), our Raven Flag from SR-831. When we sang the Gilwell song, we all(staff and patrols) sang the "I used to be A Raven" in honor of our fallen brother. We even had a white flag with a black Raven in the center over standing above an axe and log that was flown during that time period.


I will definitely keep that forever in my mind while trying to uphold the standard as a troop guide for those that will come after me Spring 2009 when SR-948 gets started.


In answer to some of the other Good Ol' Critters...

We had a full complement of all 8 patrols

Antelope, Bear, Beaver, Bobwhite, Buffalo, Eagle, Fox & Owl.


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