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I have this to say about that:


"Look for the BEAR necessities

The simple BEAR necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the BEAR necessities

Old Mother Nature's recipes

That brings the BEAR necessities of life."



You know, I took the former Woodbadge course, not 21 century. I kind of wish they would put on a mini version of the 21st century course for us, so we could see what is new. I talked to friends who took the new one, and got some info, but they could not reference my course. I thought I could see the new course by being on staff for one, but no. I asked about being a staffer, but they do not want former Woodbadgers as staff members. Apparently they ones who staffed the first round of 21st century courses would say stuff like "I don't like ????. It is not the way my course was." So, at least in my council, only grads of the 21st century course can staff a 21st century course. I would like to have mayby a 3 day, one weekend "21st Century Woodbadge for those Old farts who are still with us" type if thing.



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Eagle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>just finished 2nd week end of training. Had a Great time. Just as there are those who are curious about the 21st century course, I am sure that there are those of us that are wandering what the former course was like. But most of all let us all realize what we have accomplished, wether one went through the former course or the 21st century course. There ought to be a "Course" designed that one could take to sort of merge the two and allow "Woodbadgers" as a whole meld together and not have this divide between the former course and the 21st century course. It is not fair in my humble opinion, to exclude a "Woodbadger" from being on staff because he did not take the 21st century course. If thats the case then you might as well throw out the ticket item about "Diversity". We are not even following that item ourselves

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