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I went through the week long old course, and yes, it was worth it even though I'm a council level scouter. It allowed me to understand the many issues that concern Unit Leaders which gives a bit of insight into running high adventure program.


However, Wood Badge is not a high adventure training program, and those expecting to learn a bit of advance woods craft will indeed find it lacking......

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Update: well I just returned from my 2nd week of Wood Badge and I have to say YES it was worth it. I think anybody on any level of scouting should attend this course! I believe this course is the true essence of Scouting.


Did I work hard? Yes

Did I learn anything? Yes

Did I make new life long friends? Yes

Did I have FUN? You Know it.......


I used to be a beaver


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I was Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, Pack committee chair, Asst. Scoutmaster, & Scoutmaster before attending Wood Badge. I agree with the previous responders who said that a re-dedication to the principles of Scouting and bringing new energy back to my Troop were the most valuable things I got from that first course. Second was the toolbox . . . all of the teaching skills & ideas that I was exposed to for the first time or reinforced what I already knew.


Then, there's the Scouters. Over the 3 Wood Badges courses I've participated in, the people & the networking are amazing, amazing resources.


Now I'm a newly minted Troop Committee Chair, fresh from working on my 2nd Wood Badge staff; the sense of re-dedication & re-energization is palpable.


Last (or maybe first!) is the FUN & camaraderie! Without those elements, it's just work.


Glad you enjoyed the course.


Owls in space


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Woodbadge is not for everyone.


If you are a scouter with several years of experience already, and were an active scout as a youth, and are an active and avid outdoorsperson, and have a decade or more of managerial and supervisory experience, have been through 7 Habits and Landmark training, and have advanced degrees in Management; then Woodbadge is probably not going to be worth it for you.


If only half or less of the above description fits you, then you will find Woodbadge to be of benefit and well worth the $200 and 6 days you invest in it (not counting your ticket work).


I'm not sure if it's a council or district thing or not; but inquiries to what benefits I would receive from Woodbadge training were met with very vague and non-specific answers. Fellow scouters who had been through the pre-2001 training were the vaguest; but even recent graduates and the promoters of the upcoming training I ran into at Round Tables weren't much help. I ended up finally ponying up to find out for myself. I found that I had already been through all the materials presented, at least several times in the past. By the end of the first weekend, I'd managed to also get the details on what was going to be presented and demonstrated on the second weekend and decided that, while I was having a pleasant time socializing with other scouters, this was not a cost effective activity for me in time and money, and I resigned from the training.


90% of the Staffers were well organized, well trained, and highly enthusiastic. There were however, several who were too focused on the objectives of the course, and failed to employ the concepts taught in the course to their own actions (i.e. their active, reflective listening skills needed severe improvement).


"I used to be an Owl, but I will Owl no more."

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Mr/Ms Zinj,


Like you, I've had lots of leadership psych and management methods across many years. Uncle gave me mine as part of the deal of wearing his uniform and standing the duties in so many places.


That part was well-plowed ground. Even so, there were nuggets which I found worthy of reinforcement.


More importantly, I tapped into people resources I didn't have before. A patrol mate is a nurse educator; I have access to best practices in first aid now. Another patrol mate is a senior fisheries biologist for our State Department of Conservation; I get access to his knowledge base in helping my Scouts.


It's all about people... and about helping our young people become the best next generation they can be.


Yes, I struggled with courseware and presentations which were "reading the slides" (something I abhor in the workplace). I got beyond that... :)


One of my best friends lives in Indiana now, she's a Navy Commander and Naval War College grad. She in turn has a friend, a Marine Master Gunner. They took WB in the Indianapolis local council. Didn't take them 2 minutes to figure out they could teach the course better than most of the staff. They were also able to take it in stride, and they met people who entered their resource nets!


I'm sorry you felt WB wasted your time :(

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