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Was you Wood Badge experience worth it?

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8 for curriculum


10 for the people and the relationships


Specific reason for curriculum 8: I'll gladly concede if you are in the Armed Forces, have taken an MBA, or do any level of teaching, you've had the leadership psych provided by the current curriculum. Even so, I've found new nuggets in well-plowed ground.


Well worth the investment in time and energy



I used to be an Owl


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Boy Scout Course in the UK = 10

Cub Scout Trainer Course USA = 9

Staff Member (Old Boy Scout, old Cub Scout and 21st Century)= 10

Course Director = 9.

I never took the 21st Century course as a participant.

The first 21st Century course I staffed was the "Week long" (6 Day) course. The syllabus doesn't seem to work as well when it's not broken down over the 2 X 3 days.

All the other courses were week long courses. I do think bringing a group together for an entire week does help the group bond better.

The ticket for the Cub Scout Trainer course was a really tough ticket to write and work.

The ticket for the old UK course was a lot of writing, more of a report of what you had done with the specific skills you learned from the course.

Some of the tickets that came from the old Boy Scout course that dealt with self-improvement, seemed very weak to me! But of course it / they weren't my ticket!

I was invited back this year to help out on a course that our Council was hosting. The CD wanted me to help out as a QM. I declined. With the rules as they are now, my WB days are behind me.

If and when I ever get the time I think I'd like to put something together that would help improve the skills of new Boy Scout leaders coming into the program? Something along the lines of a more advanced outdoor skills course.


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Old course as a participant= 8 (less then 10 only because of some poor experiences due to our troop guide that rubbed my fellow patrol members the wrong way).


New course as a participant= 10 (my course director set a great tone for the course, and wanted all the staff to provide a great experience for all the participants. Except for a couple who was asked not to come back for the second weekend because they were just trouble, all participants got a great course.)


At least in my area, CDs work hard to put on excellent courses for the participants. Unless you are one of those people who has the attitude of 'i don't like person X, because person X is on the course, I will not attend', you are missing out if you miss your chance to go to WB.


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I have to agree with NealOnWheels.


Course Paticipant: 9

A lot of information came very quickly. I had previous leadership training in the corporate world ie Seven Habits, One Min. Manager. What really gave it the umpah was the writing of my mission and vision for my "Scouting" job :^)


Staff Den Chief/Troop Guide/Venture Instructor: As NealOnWheels said,



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 Old Course

 Give the Staff a 7 to many swelled heads. Tried to be funny instead of fun. Too much clowning not enough Camp School

Experience 10+++ We had over 60 participants. Spend three week ends with 60 other involved scouters and you have to be learning things almost hourly or your talking to much.


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Prior to WB: 9

Course: 7

Ticket writing: 8

Beading: 6


Comments: Overall the experience was great. The people were great, the course was a review for me, and I really didn't learn anything new, but the review was great. My ticket experience was a good thing for me. My beading ceremony was good. There are a few folks out in the WB world that I feel (and this is my opinion)take WB too seriously and treat it like a religion.


Used to be a Bob White.

Cary P


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Old course '93


Don't remember much about the course - 3


I'm the only one of my patrol left in scouting - 0


Got my beads in the mail - 0


Working my ticket was two great years in scouting, had so much fun I repeated it. - 10



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