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Tiger Den Leader Breakout Session at Roundtable?

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Well i would love to have enough tiger leaders show up for a break out, unfortunately that is not the case in my district (#1 comment from DL - Boy I wish I had taken up that invite to come to RT...could have helped a lot)

So to answer your question, no, we include them in with the Den Leaders...however, each scouter is asked about questions or problems and we direct those folks to people who may have an answer. If the question/topic etc warrants, we will run it in a general session.

Is there something you are looking to get answered?

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Yes, I have been asked to start a Tiger Den Leader group at our District Roundtable starting next month. Our Council Roundtable folks said they do not have handouts as no one has ever needed them before. I was hoping to organize something not only for the Tiger Den leaders but also for the adult partners, as they are asked to host the den meeting and 'go see it' each month. Handouts would be especially helpful and I am hoping there are some ideas in the Roundtable 'Helps' that come out each year from National? I just ordered a copy from our council scout store. Anyone out there involved in leading a Tiger Breakout session, would be great to hear from...

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