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Have you been given the Wood Badge warning?


Somewhere along the way, they forgot to give me mine, and I''m finding myself creating vision and goal statements.


Well, it does come in handy. Especially when you''re in a big project and no one else thought of it.


Wait a minute.


Ummm, never mind - forget the warning.


Just remember the congratulations.


Tom C

C-44-06 Fox(This message has been edited by tcherven)

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thanks folks!


I got beaded this past weekend at our council camporee. 8 from my class has a ceremony. We had about 75 people at the ceremony. I did make it "mandatory" for my Crew to attend :) . One kid asked why he had to go, and I told him, "Because I did WB for you!" Be both got a laught out it. Lots of fun to meet old friends again.

Back at this weekend as I have help run our council's Outdoor Leader Training.


Cary P


I used to be a bobwhite

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Congratulations, purcelce! It's a nice feeling, eh?


The "tradition" in our council is to urge us to try to get our ticket completed in one year, and then come back for a big beading ceremony in front of the next year's Wood Badge participants, so that's where I was Saturday night.


Out of 28 2006 participants, 14 of us got beaded Saturday at the end of the 2007 Wood Badge course's participant's campfire, along with 3 participants from 2005. (At our campfire last year, there was a much larger contingent of 2005'ers getting beaded.) 5 of us were Bears, the only patrol there in full force. (I kept telling everyone we had the best patrol!)


We were asked to each say a few words of encouragement to this years participants. I think the best comment was from a fellow Bear:


"Find a hole, and fill it."




I used to be a Bear

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