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New you might be a Wood Badger....

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I noticed a new one tonight, you might be a wood badger if you use the local Panera as your meeting point.


My patrol is meeting here tonight as is another one of the patrols in our course.


Also my panic is starting to end some, I have several of my tickets typed up in the format provided. So now they only need to get approved. I am starting to think that taking Wood Badge and planning a wedding at the same time wasn''t such a good idea.


At least I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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Her Who Must Be Obeyed still teases me about our wedding.

We were married in London.

She had her parents and six friends come over.

We had a reception for 650 people.

As we left the church the Scouts from the Troop formed an honor guard.

I still have the photo in our wedding album.

The Scouts did this on their own with no adult interference.

I look back and can''t help think what a great bunch of kids they were.

I truly do love this Scouting Stuff!!


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No scouting food at my wedding reception but I did have a dozen or more woodbadgers there. At one point during the reception I and all the fellow woodbadgers lined up, pulled the pantlegs of our tuxes up to our knees to simulate scout shorts, and broke out in one of the most exhuberent renditions of the Gilwell song I have ever heard.


I am sure my bride of only two hours was wondering what she got herself involved with... and those in attendence who have had no exposure to Woodbadge must have been left very confused.

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