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Wood Badge - Should the troop help pay the cost

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Does your woggle represent service with no end?


>>>> Yep, pretty much that's what it means. To have skills and training and then not use them to the best of your ability runs pretty much against the principles of Scouting. I think "Do Your Best" from Cubbing pretty much sums it up.


Of course the unit gets something for nothing! That's why you're called a volunteer.


>>>> Unfortunately, that's not the definition of volunteerism. You're called a volunteer because you're not getting paid. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course the unit gets my time and presence for nothing. I can be a body to fill the two-deep leadership just by showing up and sitting around. If they want more than that, they need to invest in assets, i.e. canoes, trailers, cook equipment, training for the adults, etc. if they wish to ever get more than just people showing up, i.e. volunteering.



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I do not question your service. Heck, there's a bunch of boys you could produce as witnesses if you needed.


Do you also have the Troop pay for your gas to Troop meetings?

Dry Cleaning bills for uniforms.

You don't have the Troop pay for your sleeping bag and backpack just because they are used when you carry out your duties to the Troop.


I recently held an NRA rifle instructor course, not one attendee had their Troop pay the bill for the course.


If the CO paid that would be one thing. If the Scouts had to sell popcorn or candy bars for me to go that would be abhorent.


In rereading the original post, the unit could always loan the money to the new SM. The SM could pay it back during the time he worked his ticket. Over the course of a year it would be about $4 a week.


The SM could be just as proud as my son who paid about 70% of his camp fee this year. He is 12.

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