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FOG wrote: Then you should know that your daughter is a Brownie GIRL Scout.



Yo Foggy, does this mean that Cubs should be known as Cub BOY Scouts? :) :) Or how about this one: Tiger Cub BOY Scouts. :)


Maybe I should start a campaign to change my username to Young Skinny Guy? LOL :)

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Very well, where should I begin? My father was a relentlessly

self-improving overhead lineman from Maine with low-grade

narcolepsy and a penchant for Amway. My mother was a 30 year old Polish Catholic

with webbed feet. My father would hunt, he would tell stories around a campfire, he would make outrageous claims, like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. A sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical. Summers in Suburban Chicago, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. If I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with

reeds. Pretty standard, really. At the age of twelve I received my first



Well maybe not all the above is true. I was a scout in the Chicago Suburb of Wood Dale, its one town over from the western edge of OHare field. As a scout I was Quartermaster, Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader. I earned Eagle in 1969 and still have my Eagle Card to prove it replete with Richard M Nixons ersatz signature on it. Being a Boy Scout was the most fun I had growing up. The Troop I was in went to the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park when I was with them. I am a scouter now because I want other youth to experience the fun I had and it drives me crazy when I see kids throwing it away. As a denizen of the Chicago suburbs in the 60s, especially the late 60s I learned wearing a scout uniform wasnt always the wisest choice. From mid1968 to 1970 we only wore our field uniform to courts of honor. The danger of physical violence was too great otherwise.


My son, YoungSpikedEagle, was in Cub Scouts, earned the Arrow of Light, attained Eagle in 2001 and is the Vice President of the Venture Crew. One Sunday afternoon my son and I were making a monkey bridge in our back yard. (dont ask just accept) he looked at me and said I am so lucky to have a Dad who likes to do what I like to do and I looked at him, and said I am lucky to have a son who likes to do what I like to do. Its been a wild ride. I was an ASM but with the Spiked one aging out, I have transferred to Committee member status and am the District Advancement Chair and Assistant District Commissioner for Venturing. Before anyone says anything, I asked the District Chair for a replacment on the Advancement Chair part. I cant do both. Recently one of the youth in the Crew was named the Northeast Region Venturing President. I am so proud.


I love being a scout and cant see me without it for a very long time


PS: Did I mention I love to sing and tell sophomoric jokes and puns?


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Guess I'm somewhat a geezer.

Joined the Boy Scouts in 1971, and attained the rank of Eagle in 1977.

Served as ASPL, QM, and JASM. Worked on the staff of the great H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation for 6 summers. Participated in a Philmont trek in '77....would love to do that again!!

Was called into the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, our local honor camper society in 1975, and became a member of the Tribal Council in 1981.


Fast Forward to 2000. Son #1 joined a Scout Troop, and I jumped on board as well. I am registered as an ASM. I and another gentleman serve as Life-to-Eagle coodinators (with 15 boys in the troop at Life rank it gives us plenty to do). I also serve as a Citizenship in the World Merit Badge counselor. I have also rekindled my involvement with Mic-O-Say.

At the request of the Order of the Arrow members in our troop, I will be going through the Ordeal next weekend at the "other" council camp-Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. I am looking forward to that!!

Some personal Scouting goals of mine are to be Wood Badge Trained, serve on the camp staff again, attend a National Jamboree, return to Philmont, and also do Northern Tier and Sea Base. I anticipate being involved in Scouting at the Troop level for many years, and may someday get involved at the District or Council committee level.

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Well I don't know if I qualify as a newbie or a geezer. I'm a newbie on this website, but have been a an adult scouter since 93.


My dad was the chartering rep for a BSA pack in So Cal. I have heard through the BSA grapevine that it still exists. Since my Mom worked at night my sister and I went to every meeting, every awards banquet, every everything to do with the pack. We helped set up and helped clean up. It puzzled us that we were required to do everything that the boys did (and more) but never recieved any acknowledgement for it.


Fast forward to 93. My oldest son is signed up for Wolves at our church pack. We have been in scouting ever since. My youngest is currently a Star, but has a four years before he is 18.


My husband is an ASM and I am the commitee secretary for the troop. We go on most of the campouts and definely do our share when it comes to funraisers.


I have been a Wolf/Bear den leader, CC for our pack, just a parent in other troops and have held various positions for Daycamps.


I am extremely proud that BSA has held its positions on homosexuality and a belief in God.

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First off -- I just want to say how great I think this forum is! It's like a (very large) group of like-minded old far-- er, fogeys -- sitting around a campfire discussing anything and everything remotely related to Scouts (yeah, yeah, I know there's a lot of you young Scouts in the Forum too -- more power to ya!).


I was involved in Scouting in one way or another since before I can remember -- my father was a Scoutmaster as soon as he was old enough (21). By the time I had made it up to the Boy Scouts, he was above the Troop level -- a perennial Wood Badge staff instructor. He had a office at home that was a Boy Scout museum to die for!


As for me -- my adult BSA career is nowhere near as impressive as many of you. I was a den leader for 5 years (receiving the Trailblazer Award) -- and became an ASM a little over a year ago, when my son crossed-over to Scouts. In a couple months I will become SM. I told the Committee I had planned to lurk in the background a couple years before I "took over", guess I better learn fast...


Hence the reason as to why I like this forum so much. With my impending SM position, I have many questions and concerns about the position, and especially about how the troop is run versus how I feel it should be run. We have been working hard to re-establish a proper Patrol Method-system within the troop, but still have a ways to go. The many threads on the subject and others such as "Patrol Spirit" and SPL Elections have been very helpful to me.

Keep up the good -- and beneficial -- work!

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I am fairly new to this site, from what I gather it is quite good, but the people who post on this site are the people who will challenge you and this is good. I currently am a Unit Commissioner for Venturing in the Horseshoe Trail District in the Chester County Council BSA. I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout in the 1960's I just attained the rank of First Class Scout. In 1996 when my son joined Troop 116 I signed on as an Assistant Scoutmaster in a Venture Crew Patrol in 1998 I helped to start a Venturing Crew in a Civil Air Patrol Squadron. Then signing up for Unit Commissioner in 2002 for Venturing I have a strong passion for Scouting in general but for Venturing in Particular. I believe that today's young people new a quality youth program and BSA is it.

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Just saw this message, as I have been out of touch for three days on s Scout camping trip to the U.S. Grant Pilgrimage in Galena IL. A record

of over 8,500 scouts and leaders! The little town was over run with scouts and leaders! A great experience!


I have been a Cub Scout, Boy Scout (Eagle), and Explorer as a youth, and upon graduating from college, the troop was floundering with no one willing to take over as SM. In order to keep the troop alive I agreed to take over as SM for a little while. That was in 1973! And still going strong. I have also served as a Jamboree Scoutmaster, and have been on 30 conescutive yearly high adventure and summer camp trips with our scouts.


It gets more challenging as the years go by, but still love it!



LaGrange Park, IL



(This message has been edited by eagle90)

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Hello again,


Good to see other new participants. I've lurked at this site for over a year and started a more active participation last fall.


My Scouting Story,


My Dad had never been in scouts but, when he got out of the service after WWII one of the first jobs he had was at a Scout Camp for a summer before he went on to college on the GI bill. He must have been impressed with the program because when he had sons, all three of us were signed up as Cubs as soon as we were eligible. I spent over 10 years in scouting as a youth from Cubs to Boy Scouts. Went to Philmont with a provisional group from New Jersey in 1970. Earned my Eagle in 1971, and also have my card and certificate with Richard M. Nixon's signature. One of my brothers also earned his Eagle and the other earned Life.


While not officially in scouting in college, I did a lot of outdoor activity. Turned out there were 6 Eagle scouts on my wing in the dorm where I went to college. We planned and did alot of activities and managed to graduate.


Fast forward another 10 years or so and I have my own two sons. We get involved with Cub Scouting and both earn their Arrow of Light. Unfortunately my older son, decides Boy Scouting is not for him and drops out to take up other activities. My younger son is still very much involved and has his sights on Eagle.


I am currently Advancement Chair for the Troop I serve and am also active in the outdoor program. I am doing my best to help provide these scouts the experience I had as a youth.


Like others, I find this site a great source of knowledge, inspiration and occaisonally a laugh or two.





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Hi Guys!


Unlike many of you I was never a scout as a youth. I do remember Boy Scouts and CampFire Girls (they were girls only then!) in uniform attending mass at my church. I attended public school and never saw a recruitment flyer for any of them.


In 1st grade my daughter asked to join Girl Scouts. That year was the 1st, and almost the last, year of her career in Scouting! It was the "Troop from Hell" or, more correctly, the "Leader from Hell"! My girl would come home from meetings in tears because this woman spent the whole time yelling at the girls. Cookie time was a mess with the Asst. Leader being overwhelmed and the Leader never paying the Troop for cookies. We stuck it out that 1st year and the next I took over cookies and my friend took over as leader. Half way thru 2nd grade the AL had to back out because of time issues and I volunteered my hubby as the new Assistant Leader (he was working nights at the time - hey who needs sleep!). In 3rd grade I added Co-Leader to my Cookie duties for their last year as Brownies. The 3 of us lead the Troop thru the end of 8th grade and saw the girls earn the Girl Scout Silver Award. As Senior Girl Scouts in high school, my hubby dropped out as leader. We were down to 5 girls and he figured 2 leaders were plenty! This year, their final year in high school, our girls earned the highest award in Girl Scouting, the Girl Scout Gold Award! I have been on the area Service Unit team as Service Unit Cookie Manager for 3 years now and will probably continue at least for another year. Since we will be troop-less next year, my Co-Leader and I have been considering taking on a brand new Daisy (kindergarten) Troop. Can you say Glutton for Punishment! LOL!


My BSA career started when my son joined Tiger Cubs. He had been a Girl Scout "mascot" for a few years and was more than ready to start on his own scouting trail. I signed on as his Tiger Partner and the next year my hubby took over as Den Leader and "volunteered" me as his assistant! We had 3 leaders and a great bunch of boys! Soon I added Popcorn Kernal to my fundraising resume! When our boys were in their 2nd year as Webelos, the Pack was having problems finding a Tiger Coordinator. No one wanted to join Tigers unless there was a leader in place and no one wanted to step up as leader. So, because hubby didn't tie my arm down quick enough, our Pack accuired a new, permanent Tiger Den Leader! My son (who is now in 9th grade and soon to be a Star Scout) moved on to a Troop run by a "traditional good ole boys club" who had no use for a female ASM. Kitchen help, fine, ASM or camping, not in this lifetime. So hubby and I stayed with the Pack as Tiger Leader, ACM, Popcorn Kernals, BALOO Pack camp coordinators, etc. My son has been Den Chief for many years and is looking forward to when "his" guys move up to the Troop. He has been doing his best to bring the Troop to the Cub Scout Pack so that more boys will want to stay in Boy Scouts after Cubs.


That about sums me up. 11 years and counting!

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My Scouting story begins in the fall of 1969, when my father wanted something for me to do. He and several others founded Pack 91 and I got started. In 1973, I joined Troop 91,with my Arrow of Light. In 1980, I recieved my Eagle Scout. I went into the Air Force the following year and joined a troop on base as an ASM.


Following the Air Force, I rejoined Troop 91 and served 2 years as Scoutmaster. I went into the Commissioner ranks until I hit a political snag within the council in 1987.


I rejoined Scouting in 1990 as the Cubmaster of Pack 91 and in 1993 moved up to the Commissioner ranks where am I today.

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Guess I'm on way to being a geezer.


I was in the Scouts as a youth in the late fifties through the sixties. Only got as far as Star.

During the next few years, due to school and work, was unable to be involved.

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Posted this, but it was cut off.


Guess I'm on way to being a geezer.


I was in the Scouts as a youth in the late fifties through the sixties. Only got as far as Star.

During the next few years, due to

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Well, I wasn't going to call myself a geezer, but after seeing AK and a couple of others, I guess I have to put myself into that bunch.


My name is John. I became "associated" with Scouting first when my older brother became a Cub Scout in Murray, Kentucky, back in 1970. I joined in 1972. I continued through to Eagle at age 17, and became an ASM at 18. By that time, we lived just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. I continued as an ASM for 5 years, until I got married.


During those years, my older brother also earned Eagle. My mom and dad were both active leaders. My mom served on both the Pack and district levels. My dad at the pack, troop and district levels. My dad continues to be active today. He just recently started a new pack at his church. I'm not sure how many units he's started, I would guess around 10. My mom is not as active, but is serving on the new pack's committee for now.


Back to me. During a 10 year break, I occasionally helped in a variety of ways. I was a UC for about a year. I didn't really get back involved until my son joined Tigers in 1997. I was Tiger Leader. The next year I became CM and co-lead our den through Webelos. Last year, I started a new troop associated with our pack. I remain CC of the pack.


YIS - John

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hi everyone,

I've been a leader with Scouts Canada for 25 years. I currently am involved in a new spin off program that I've been developing since 1995.

It's called "In School Scouting" It's for the inner city youth who's parents can't afford to put their children into regular Scouting programs. We run the program during the noon hour and some right at 2:30 when school lets out. It's very successful. We put these kids in contact with Positive adult role modles, something the inner city kids are lacking. I'm also a trainer, have worked with Beavers, Cubs, Venturers and Rovers. I love cooking and the outdoors to the extent that I've written an outdoor cook book called "No More Wieners and Beans"

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