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Hi All,


I have been working on becoming the Pack Trainer for our unit. I have been through the Trainer Development Conference last month.


I have been asked to help the District Training staff by leading the Tiger Specifics session in two weeks.


I agreed to help out, and asked for the relevant syllabus. What I received was a packet that I am pretty sure is out of date. It still lists the uniform as the orange shirt and doesn't mention the Blue option at all. There is no number or date anywhere on the syllabus.


I did not receive the video, powerpoint, CD or any other resources.


I have an inquiry into the District Training chair to find out what else is provided... I am afraid that the answer I will get back is "nothing"... The Training Chair is brand new to the position. I realize that this isn't the way this should run. I have taught for 18 years, I know I can do a good job presenting the material, if I have it!


I am willing to foot the bill if necessary for some of the training items. Would like to know which you feel are "essential".


Things I have:


Cub Scout Leader Book

Tiger Cub Handbook

Cub Scout Program Helps

Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide


Things I don't have but think that I need:


Current Tiger Specific Syllabus

Cub Scout Leader Specific Video - AV01V013

Powerpoint - I can't find a specific number for this.

Handouts for each participant on CD - no number for this CD.


Things that would be nice to have:

Tiger Cub Den Advancement Chart 34715A

Pack Program Planning Chart 26-004F


Am I missing anything? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Wish me luck! :)

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Just got an email from my District Training Chair. She does have the video and the powerpoint! That makes me feel a whole lot better!


Any suggestions or advice would be apprectiated.



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The Powerpoints come on the CDs which come with the syllabi. They should be marked with the National Supply number. ALL books, booklets, etc that come from National Supply should have a National Supply number (usually 5 digits and maybe a letter), a copyright date, and a printing/revision date.


If you are planning on being Pack Trainer, I would recommend that you invest in a copy of the "Leadership Training" booklet (#34169A, 2006). This booklet comes out with a new 'edition' every year (they will increase the letter, and have a printing date). This booklet lists all the current training courses and the syllabi. Its important to have the current editions of syllabi and books, otherwise you will have outdated info.


I am not knowledgable about cub scouter training, so will leave any questions about that area to others.


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Unfortunately, the syllabus and training materials have not been updated since the 2005 changes in the Tiger program. We use the videos, and power points as they are, and make a point of mentioning the changes. In particular, we talk about the blue shirts, and the Bobcat before Tiger switch.


There is a new set of training posters (which I have yet to get my hands on)


It is item #34876A - and has just been released in the last month.


The handouts for the position specific courses are pretty sketchy. The most important one is the Tiger Cub Den Meeting Planning form #33221: http://www.scouting.org/cubscouts/resources/33221/34-13.pdf


I find the planning exercise to be one of the most useful sections of the position specific training. Actually having the leaders use Program Helps and other resources to plan a meeting really gives them a sense of what they're supposed to be doing. With Tiger leaders I emphasize the fact that they should be doing this in conjunction with the host partner for that meeting.


The pack program planning chart is in the center of Program Helps, so having a separate one isn't essential.


Hope this helps - let me know if you have other questions. I am a Pack Trainer and our district's Cub Scout Training coordinator.


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First thing: There is no Tiger Motto anymore. Now that they do Bobcat first, the Tiger motto went bye-bye.

Second: Ask your current Tiger DL what he/she would have liked to learn at training.


In our district, we make the position specific breakout a roundtable discussion. We tell them the basics, give them ideas and where to go for information. Once the official stuff is done, we answer questions and give ideas round robin style.

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I just went for my Tiger Leader Specific training. There were two of us there, so they lumped us in with the Cub Scout LST. I spent more time sharing my experiences with my older son's Wolf & Bear dens, to assist those Tiger DLs turning into Wolf DLs, than learning about being a Tiger Leader. They didn't return the favor, mostly because they seemed more lost and confused than I was.


What I would have liked to discuss was shared leadership and how to make it happen. Go-see-its and the resources particular to my area for doing that. For example, we're a rural area, so a trip to a farm or historic site is easy, but a trip to a TV, Radio or Newspaper is almost impossible. City folks I imagine have the opposite problem.


The trainers weren't operating off of much of a script/syllabus. They had the video & powerpoint you mentioned with the outdated Tiger uniform. The rest operated on answering questions from the group. The overall group consisted of about 20 people that broke down into smaller groups for Den leaders, Webelos DL, CMs, and Committee Chairs. So, most everyone had some experiences with their pack and could ask relevant questions. But the other Tiger DL there was kind of lost and I expect will have problems with the things I mentioned.


One thing I thought was good that the trainer included was websites where there is planning information, program ideas, etc.

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