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Name Badge Supply Sources?

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I'm looking to make some name badges for our troop. I see lots and lots of small wooden ones - Woodbadge name tags, Golden Acorn name tags, etc.


Question is: Is everyone simply cutting these out from larger sheets of say 1/8" plywood (or thinner) or is there a good supply for these already cut and ready to assemble?

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We have them made at a local sign and pin shop. They use a plastic material and engrave the letters. So the letters are white on a black background (like the name signs on someone's office desk) and the Boy Scout emblem is stamped in silver. There was a small, one time charge for making a Boy Scout emblem stamp. Now the name badges cost us around $2 a badge.

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try the craft stores - like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, - even the fabric stores that carry craft items - like jo-anne fabrics in our area.


there are alot of small wood -type things for crafts that, while not intended for name tags, would make great name tags.


Check in the doll house section, the shelf and plaque section and also look for wood burning sets and supplies.


Wood burning might be a great way to do the names, too -


and of course, the craft store would carry the pin backings you would need to glue on make them nametags.


My son and I made some nice nametags at a leather shop, (actually, they were meant to be hair barrettes - but we put a pin on the back instead of the hair clip) at the time, we were in cubs, so mine has a wolf on it (for Akela) and my name, and my son was a Bear cub - so his has a bear on it. they have lasted a long time and we always get nice comments on them

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