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How often to "renew" youth protection?

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Memory say's it's 3 years but since we host one at my house every two years I've never had to be sure. And since my wife cooks up a storm of food and snacks for it EVERYONE attends with out nagging them.


Best way is to check the date on your card. If you can't find your card, It won't hurt to take it over any how and then you'll be all set for the next 3 (or is it 2) years.

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Funny this should come up now. Our District just had its annual youth protection training last night. We are always told that the training is good for 2 years. However, a few guys have been to Commissioner training and the course they take is good for 3 years. The video is a bit longer, but not substantially different.


If you listen very carefully to the video, one of the adults (I think it's the pediatrician) says that the training SHOULD be taken every 2-3 years. But, should is very different from MUST.


I have never actually seen anything in writing that states an expiration on the training, but there may be something somewhere. The question came up last night about 2 or 3 years and our District Commissioner said he would look into it and find out if there is an official policy.


By the way, queenj, youth protection training is not required to get your trained strip.

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I usually run thru the online version at BSA's E-Learning once a year. It does not take that long & it is always a good idea to refresh YP guidelines & to see if anything has been changed.


Notification will be sent to your council & there is also a certificate you can print off.


While it does not seem to be required for the "trained" strip, a YP adult is required on all Tour Permits. Also, if you look at the adult application, it states that "you are expected to complete the training (YP) within 90 days of assuming a leadership position."

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I have never seen anything in writting as to when YPT 'expires'. Unlike SSD, SA, etc, there is no YPT card with an expiration date. I have asked to no avail.


If you attend a National event (Jamboree, NOAC, etc), you will be told you need to have 'current' YPT. Again, asking has not gotten a straight answer (1 year? 2? 3?). Most say at least 2 years.


Thankfully, with the on-line YPT (tho you need to have your council provide the Venturing one on their website, the other is available thru BSA's OLS), its very easy to do it every year or so. (when it was only available via video presentation by a proper trainer, it was a pain meeting that 'current' requirement).


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This falls under the category of "personal decision" and the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law.


For me, personally, I have, for the last 8 years, attended an instructor lead Youth Protection Training once per year. This seems to be sufficient for me to stay up to date and comfortable with all the Youth Protection guidelines.


Personally, I do not want it to lapse. Many times I am asked questions from other leaders about our YP policies. It's good to stay on top of it.


Eagle Pete

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As a matter of "sanity check" I update mine annually before the late spring/summer camping seasons.


Pedophiles reach into the halls of Congress. It's well worth my time to make sure I am following the latest and best guidance, and that adults I know are doing the same.


These are the young men who will be our Nations' leaders when we are old folk. Makes good sense to be right and safe about them.

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I have never seen a general requirement that Youth Protection training has to be taken by any leader, as far as a national requirement. I make everyone in our unit take it and our church even uses the various trainings, to include youth videos, for training in our church.


It is suggested that every leader take it and to that end, some council board of directors have mandated it in one form or another with a tenure requirement. Most I have heard of made a two year requirement so it would coincide with other items like Climbing Tower Certification that have a two year certification. This could be the situation in your council.


Although national doesnt require it, they dont allow us to ignore it either by making the following requirements:


1. Item 2 of National Quality Unit Award requires two deep leadership where One registered adult is assigned responsibility for Youth Protection training (note it doesnt say they have to be trained)


2. Local/National Tour permit states the following:

a. All registered adults participating in any nationally conducted event or activity must have completed the BSA youth protection training.

b. At least on registered adult who has completed BSA Youth Protection training must be present at all other events and activities that require a tour permit.

3. National High Adventure Bases require the training within one year of your activity start date and they want proof.


This is the best I could ascertain from having participated as an instructor in the first trainings ever offered, my Safe Guide to Scouting, Council Health and Safety Guide,Camp Staff Youth Protection Training Manual, Tour Permits and National High Adventure applications.


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Man Oh Man!

How I hated that old YP Tape!!

When OJ was a little fellow he loved the Disney 101 Dalmatians movie. We had (and still have) the tape and the DVD.

Any poor soul who came in the house was forced to watch the movie with him.

He knew every word and would forewarn the audience of what was about to happen.

I was the same way with that darn YP tape.

The new one isn't a lot better.

As to: " It's good to stay on top of it."

How do you stay on top of something that doesn't change?

I think informing people where the information is should be a must for trainers.

I firmly believe that when people take the time to attend a training they need to know from the person presenting the training that he or she knows what they are talking about and that they are not going to waste their time.

Presenting the same thing over and over is a waste of time. It serves little or no purpose. Other than making people feel that training is a waste of their time and giving training committees something to complain about when people don't sign up for training's.



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Thank you all for your replies. By the time I would have to renew, I will no longer be a den leader; my kids are going to the Troop. I do not need YP for trained badge but I do need it for my Webelos DL award. I'll be all set for B&G.


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