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I know this is going to sound silly, but I work for a council, and we need to purchase several dozen sets of WB regalia to award when tickets are finished. I had an email address to contact Gilwell , but it has been returned more than once. Does anybody have a good link that I can use? I now we can buy the regalia from national, but the UK stuff is so much nicer.


Thanks in advance!

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Greetings everyone!


EMB already answered the question to Robby... but if I may add a few comments for our fellow Scouters...


I am starting to become old and senile; so I have a few sets of WB beads, neckerchiefs and woggles, between my briefcase, desk and Scout wall locker at home.


There are a few places to obtain Wood Badge regalia. Most all of us receive our original beads via a ceremony from our local Council (these usually come from the BSA National Supply). They are a fine set, and the toupe neckerchief is a standard size. However, some Councils and their Wood Badge Course Directors prefer to restock and order from the UK Scout Association and the actual Gilwell Training Center. As Robbyrm and EMB have discussed.


The BSA version has a larger set of beads in a darker wood stain, and the standard size neckerchief seems small to some of us bigger fellas. (They are a nice set of regalia, but I prefer the larger neckerchiefs)


The UK version provides smaller beads, in a lighter oak stain. The UK Wood Badge full size neckerchiefs are much larger than the BSA Wood Badge National Supply Center standard neckerchiefs. The UK Scout Association has a thinner cotton blend neckerchiefs, perfect for summer courses or summer time ceremonies. Equally, they have a thicker Wool blend neckerchief, it looks nice during the Fall and Winter ceremonies. I grabbed mine for a Summer-time ceremony a few years ago and whew!! My shirt was drenched!!


All that to say.. If our fellow Scouters would like to find another set, Wool for the Winter, Cotton for the Summer, and larger neckerchiefs. Follow EMBs directions to the UK Scout Association online store.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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To add to my comments.


When I received my staff beads a couple of years ago, I found that the leather thong is thicker then my participant beads I got 15 years ago. I actually like my old bead thong better, but I put it away and wear my new staff beads.


The stuff from Gilwell is nice. I was given a leather woggle from Gilwell from our ASM-TG. Very nice, with a nice saddle leather smell. It went in my box with the rest of my WB stuff. I also like the fact they have presentation items such as the portfolio with the neckerchiefs, leather bag for the woggle, presentation box for the beads. All these would make nice presentation items for new WBers, staffer, CDs.


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The beads I wear are Gilwell beads.


My buisness partner goes on trips to England every so often, he stopped by Gilwell Park and bought the beads and woggles there for the 5 Scouters in my Troop who did WB together (2 Beavers, 2 Bobwhites and a Eagle)


Thinner thong on the Gilwell beads; only difference I can spot.


They are Special to me as they came from "The Home of Scouting"

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