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Woodbadge is on my mind alot right now. I have finished my ticket and am awaiting my beads, thinking through where to have the presented.

My question to you is, Why did you take WoodBadge?

My answer: I was desperate for all the training I could get as I was new to this game we call Scouting. I read somewhere that WoodBadge was considered the "PHD" of scouting so I signed up. At the time I didn't even know what those funny little beads were that I say on different people at roundtable. When I signed up I thought it was "just another training session" with no little doo-dads associated with it, no outward mark so to speak of having completed it. I just wanted to learn all I could to better deliver the program so that my sons and their friends could have a better scouting experience. No personal glory ie "Hey look at me I have my beads and am better than you". Just to learn to be a better leader and a better follower. I know some who took the course because they wanted the beads or to be part of the "in Crowd". I know of one other who like me signed up for the training with no idea what it was other than training.

So Why did you take Woodbadge?



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I took WB because I was trying to help rebuild a pack that had suffered from a big ugly leader/adult blow-out. Our ADC (also turned out to be my troop guide and ticket counselor)kept pushing both me and the pack's new CM to attend, promising that it would be helpful to us as we tried to resuscitate the pack, and so we did. Like Kristi, I had no idea what it was really all about, going into it. ADC/TG/TC was right and I have not regretted taking WB for a moment.



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I agreed to attend because my son's SM/Advisor was a Troop Guide for the course, and he was out twisting arms for recruitment ;)


Once we got going, our Patrol stayed at it because we had all been there and done that, and we weren't going to "let no stinkin' SPL" prove he could pressure US.


When we REALLY got going, we found a great group of Scouters who cared about each other and the program, and we've integrated ourselves into each others resource pool!



A Good Old Owl Too



About to start one of my major ticket projects ... Commissioner service at Scout Camp!(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Just da next trainin' step, eh? Seemed like the thing to do to continue to improve at this interestin' scouting stuff.


I confess that the woodbadge "in crowd" was a bit off-putting. I didn't care much for that district clique at the time. But the trainin' was fun and useful, and more than half of the participants became good friends and resources.


Tho I still don't know about those Antelopes....;)

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Got involved in one of those "I will go if you will go" things. Of course he quit after the first weekend but by then I was hooked. Best management or any other training I ever had. As a bonus I met some great people.


Ever notice that most wood badgers act like their critters. Always wondered how they matched that up or is it just karma. Buffalos bull there way through, Owls contemplate, Beavers always busy at who knows what


Just Loping along

(This message has been edited by Loping Okie)

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I was told that the super secret recipe for the World's Best Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler was only revealed to those who attended WB, so I signed up. :-)


Actually, my dad and my SM from my youth had attended back in the late 70's. Even though the material has changed, they convinced me it would be one of the best courses I would ever attend (they were right). I thought about waiting until my son was in Boy Scouts to attend, but our District Trainer convinced me to go ahead (he said something to the effect of "why wait - what are you scared of?" - he has become one of my best friends, btw). I had the time available, so it worked out very well.


Congratulations on completing your ticket!


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I took woodbadge because I am always trying to learn more about leadership... okay and maybe new songs and cheers.


I was glad to learn new ways to focus my leadership skills. I loved meeting new people from different areas. I got lots of new ideas for our troop. I was also glad that we had 4 people from our troop do WB together and we've recruited one new person for our troop.


I also was just dying to find a good reason to invest in cool BS shorts... okay... not.... I couldn't wait to see what critter I'd be. (Mama bear fits me very well).


I wanted my sons to see that mom and dad are committed to their troop... and at times should be committed to someplace else **giggle**

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I was basically shamed into it. I was Dist. Tng. Chair at the time and our Council Tng. Chair came up to me at a meeting and told me it was embarassing to him to have a member of the Training Staff that was not fully trained. He was kidding, sort of. I thought it over and decided that I couldn't stand up at Roundtable and Training events to espouse the benefits of Training when I wasn't willing to set the example. Wood Badge was a great experience and I have never regretted the time and money I put into it.



I used to be a Fox.

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I took Wood Badge because I noticed that when I was Roundtables and a topic was being discussed, the same thing could be said by someone not wearing "the beads" as well as one wearing "the beads" and it seemed like the one wearing the beads would be heard and the other guy would never be acknowledged

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Ok... BACK, YOU FLAMERS!! I was only kidding!


I took Wood Badge Training because I felt I was ready to go that extra step.


Before I went to Wood Badge (and knew almost nothing about it) a friend - the one who kept encouraging me all through Scouting as an adult - said to me, "Once you go through Wood Badge, you'll be a lifer!", almost as a warning. What she meant was that if nothing else got me "all the way" into scouting, Wood Badge would and that I would be in scouting the rest of my life.


At the time, I had just completed Basic Training and was just getting my feet wet. I didn't give her comment much thought. She told me about her little stuffed fox and I figured she was just being over enthusiastic, as usual.


Later, as I learned more about Scouting and Wood Badge, and met a few other Wood Badgers, I gradually got to a point where the investment of both time and money began to be less and less a huge sacrifice.


Finally, after one attempt to attend a course didn't work out, I went to Wood Badge. I have never to this day regretted the decision. In fact, I am still finding ways to apply what I learned and help other leaders and youth.


Yeah, she was right... I am a lifer.


Eagle Pete

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