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As a Bobwhite, my favorite cheer was; "Bobwhites! What? BOBWHITES! What?" "A QUAIL!"   "OOOOOH!"  

Hi out there Wood Badge critters!  Looking for a few different yells for my wife's patrol: Eagles.  I am an antelope and can't help very much with her;s.  Any input would surely be appreciated and helpful.

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Whooo Do You Love

((with apologies to Bo Didley)):

I walk 47 miles of Philmont, I use a cobra snake for a woggle,

got new Scout Hut on the roadside made outta Antelope hide,

it's got a little bitty chimney right on top made outta a Buffalo skull.


Come on Troop Guide, take a walk with me,

tell me, whoooooo do you love oh honey, whoooooo do you love.......


I got a Boy Scout staff and a Woodbadge Mind,

I'm just 42 and I don't mind Hiking.....

Whooooooo do you love…..


Come on B-P make me understand,

                let the boys LEAD ,

win all you CAN,


WHOOOOOOO do you love, oh Course Director, tell me, whoooooo do you love…......

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