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As a Bobwhite, my favorite cheer was; "Bobwhites! What? BOBWHITES! What?" "A QUAIL!"   "OOOOOH!"  

We tried to come up with a different cheer every day, just to throw people off. Being first does have it's advantages and disadvantages as well.




I feel the need, the need for trees!


Beaver Fever, Beaver Fever, Beaver Fever!


BEAVERS, We're not really Pirates! (Guess which game this was after :) )


Ward? Can you speak to the Beaver?


Always a Beaver!


SR999 571-90

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My Buffalo patrol yell was:


"Yabba-Dabba-Doo" which was first heard by our ancestors back in a little town called Bedrock in Bowling allies and Lodge halls. Our Buffalo roots go way back to the original "Loyal order of the Water Buffalos". Today we've shortened our name to "Buffalo Patrol" and our yell is in honor of one of the original members of that Lodge! :-)


Mike B

I used to be a Buffalo

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If you will recall, Antelopes come last in "Wood Badge order." Our Antelope Patrol had a slogan, "Antelopes Lead From Behind." The first draft of our cheer was "OUR VIEW SUCKS!" We of course ultimately adopted something else, not nearly a good as that.

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"Foxes in Soxes" was one.

As I think of the others (If I can remember them we had 2 more) I will post them. My favorite thing we did though was when I brought a Fox Tail to our second weekend (Ours went over 2 weekends spread a month apart). I attached it to my backside and hid it till we sang our song, when we sang the part were we were tired of Foxin and we could Fox no more, I jumped out and swung my backside around and shook it. That got the guy with the Buffalo hat charging me across the way. Talking about a laugh.

We also used the "Tastes like chicken", but only on the Owls, Eagles, and Bobwhites.


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My fellow Bear patrol members and I loved bacon so much, that we had out troop guide procure the patrol extra bacon "brought in" during the first two morning breakfasts, and then incorporated  bacon into every meal during days 4 thru 6.  Our cheer, "bacon, BAcon, BACon, BACOn, BACON!"  with each bacon louder that the one before it. 


Every time we entered "Gilwell Hall" or "Gilwell Field"  we'd loudly sound off with  "Tremble with fear, da Bears are here!".  If another patrol was late and the SPL asked where they were we'd shout, "Eaten!"  And we'd always needle the other patrols, finishing their cheers with "Takes six to make a meal" (Bobwhites), "A meal complete with spoon" (Beavers), "Tastes like chicken" (Eagles), "What the fox said, ring, ding ding..." (Fox),  "Night time snack (Owls) and "Pies, pies everywhere, but none of them to eat (Buffalo).  We had no Antalopes. 


Needless to say, our Scoutmaster regretted telling our patrol to "Embrase your inner critter"


Now I'm going to be a Troop guide for the Eagle Patrol.  Guess that makes me a Beagle Scout.

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Do songs count ?  With apologies to Roy Orbison)

  OWLLY the Lonely, (hoot hoot oot hooty hoothoot)
Works their ticket into the ni-i-i-ght,
Owlly the lonely,   knows how hard it is to get it ri-i-i-ight.
Maybe tomorrow (hoothoothoothoot)
I’ll get it DONE (hoothoothoothoot)
Then no more sorrow (hoothoothoothoot)
Sonofagun !

Pa –tro-o-o-ol  Gui-i-i-ide (Gilgilgil wellee doowha)
Comes around, woggle in haaaand (Gilgilgil wellee doowha)
Co-urse Di-rector  (Gilgilgil wellee doowha)
With the Necker , he does stri-i-ide….
Around my neck (dumdumdum)
The bead thong goes (dumdumdum)
Critter song sing (dumdumdum)
How does it GO?????
Hap hap hap ha-happy Land…
Wo-o-ork my ticket….   If I CA-A-A-A-AN
Maybe tomorrow (hoothoothoot)
I’ll  git ‘er DONE (hoothoothoot)
But until then (hoothoothoot)

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