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Basic Leader training in So Cal

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I am a new den leader but since all of the councils in my area are dark during summer, I need to wait to be trained. Strangly enough, I'd rather be trained BEFORE starting to work with the boys. Does anyone know why training is put on haitus during the summer and is anywhere I can get this training before September?

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Welcome to the forum.


Go to www.scouting.org web page and click on BSA online Learning Center.

You will need to register first.

From here you can take Cub Leader (Cubmaster, Tiger Leader, DL and WDL) Fast Start Orientation Training.

Under the General link there is Youth Protection Training.

If you PM me I can send you a link for online New Leader Essentials (I don't know if your council will execpt this).


Perhaps you can find an experianced leader from your pack that will meet with you over the summer and help you get started until you can get training.


Good Luck





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"Does anyone know why training is put on haitus during the summer"?

While it would be nice if Training's were presented each and every month. I can't see it happening.

BSA Training's are presented by volunteers, many who belong to units and have families. The fact is they are busy during the summer, with the units they serve and with their families.

You might want to find out who your District Training Chairman is and see if there is a way of doing a one-on -one training for you, better yet would be if you knew of a couple of others who would want to take the training as well.

As a Den Leader you more than lightly find it is better to try and do things at the District level, rather than the Council level.

The on-line material is good, but reading the Cub Scout Leader Book is something that would really help, both you and the Cub Scouts you will be serving.



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Check out your council website, and check out surrounding council websites. You might want to check out their calenders and their individual districts. Also, call your council office. Through your council training chair or your district training chair you might get a one on one training session. Post message me and I will try to get more specific information to you,


You are right, getting the training ahead of time is best. Eamonn is right, the volunteers who conduct the training have lives too, and they are usually busy with summer activities for their families.


Hope this helps.

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Welcome to the campfire!


You didn't tell us which Council you are in, so I cannot tell HOW MUCH training is going on near you.


Western LA Council (http://www.bsa-la.org/) Balboa Oaks District, has Cub Scout Leader Specific Training TONIGHT (Jun 1, 2006). They are running it again on July 6, along with instructor led youth protection. It runs again August 3.


New Leader Essentials (the common core of all BSA adult leader training) will be offered in the Antelope Valley District on July 12.


Crescent Bay District (iirc around Santa Monica Bay) runs Cub Scout leader specific on August 12.


Now, that's a lot of dates, and none of us have actually given you a trail to follow. In a perfect world, the initial training regimen you should undertake is:


Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Orientation training. As CNY said, this is available online.


Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection training. Again, this is online.


New Leader Essentials. This covers the general program of Scouting.


Position Specific Training for (insert level here) Den Leaders, Cubmasters, and committee members.


Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO).


If your Pack is going to do aquatics activities, I recommend you add Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat (again, available online) to this basic suite.


Beyond this, there is ongoing supplemental training available to you:

- Monthly District Roundtables, which are designed to give you a "heads up" on the program 1-2 months out.

- PowWow or University of Scouting, which offers subject specific program information. Ours does everything from neckerchief slide making to "Pinewood Derby 101."

- Den Chief training. Boy Scouts from area Troops, seeking leadership positions, can be available to assist you in operating your den program. This class supports both the Boy Scout serving, and the Den Leader receiving the service :)


I want to leave you with three takeaways:


- I've described an elephant. Eating this elephant can be done, do it one bite at a time. Do Fast Start online first :)

- Keep It Simple, Make It Fun (KISMIF). This is the single most important concept to presenting program to 7-10 year olds!

- Bookmark your Councils' website. As you start the trail, let us know about where you live. Training may be available close by in the Southern California metro.


Let us know how we can help you start the trail :)


YIS(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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I do not think that I have ever seen a council website that had New Leader Essentials and/or Position Specific training during the summer months.


During the summer they DO have Woodbadge & University of Scouting training, along with Boy Scout National Youth Leadership Training, Summer Camp & Day Camps. All of these camps & trainings often utilize, as staff, trainers, & sometimes attendees, the very same volunteers who staff NLE & Cub PS trainings. We can only do so much, so often, before we burn ourselves out. And, as others have stated, we volunteers do need some time for our families during the summer too!


Most councils have training in the fall & spring. Some have other dates throughout the year also. My council just had their last Cub Position Specific 5/25. You might have just missed your councils training. If there are no NLE or Cub PS coming up in your area, or any area you might be traveling to this summer, then you will have to wait for those until Aug or Sept.


In the meantime, as many here have posted, do your online Fast Start & Youth Protection. These will give you a good start. At the end of the Fast Start training they list a number of books that will be helpful to you. The Cub Scout Leader Book, Program Helps for 2006-2007, & the Handbook of the level you are leader for are the ones you should get ASAP. These will all give you a good basis to start with your boys.


One more online resource that will help -




This is the BSA National website for Cub Scout Leaders. LOTS of good info here. You should especially check out the "Resources for New Leaders" under Program Support.


Happy Scouting!!

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