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How far do you travel for Roundtable?

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Just 1.1 miles by road, .9 if you go as the crow flies. Most of the districts units are within 15 miles of the roundtable, concentrated in the northern half. But we're currently pushing to start units down in the southern end, and if successful, we'll rotate the roundtable locations. 

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Our District is one of three in our semi-urban Maryland county. It is about 15 miles E-W and about 30 miles N-S. Before I became RTC, I was very pleased when the present meeting site was established. It is in the education/social building of a big Baptist Church, central location, easy to get to. They do have one habit that is sometimes a challenge. They sometimes CLOSE the church for certain official holidays, like Veterans Day. So , come this November, I have to reserve a "plan B site".

One time, I was fortunate, I thought, to have a local UMethodist church with a nice set of social halls allow us to relocate there. My Cub RTC is a devout Jew, and (surprise!) when he arrived that night, he told me he could not enter the RT site because the social hall was under the church's sanctuary. Fortunately, his Asst. RTC was able to take care of the meeting. And I learned something that I will remember the next time we have to relocate...

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